patient lift

  1. JohnKelly

    Question about patient lifts

    Hello. I am new here, but have been dealing with this disease for 3 years now (although my diagnosed is still not final, its a long story and not necessary for this question). I am in a wheelchair and am now losing the strength needed to transfer so I need a lift. I have found a device made by...
  2. quadbliss

    EasyPivot Lift

    Hello everyone, We have an EasyPivot patient lift (never used), that we would like to donate to a PALS family who needs it. We live in Benicia, CA, so if you live in the SF Bay Area and can come pick it up, please PM me. Thanks. Mike
  3. G

    Easy Pivot Patient Lift

    Has anyone ever used this? It looks interesting With my height difference I thought it looked easier. Cost might be a factor but does it work like they say?