patient lift

  1. J

    Patient lift for a small apartment

    Can anyone recommend a Hoyer-type lift, able to be operated by a single person and to lift someone from the floor if necessary, that is made for small spaces? We have a very small apartment in NYC... I have found some options online, but thought others might have firsthand experience. I...
  2. S


    looking for ceiling elec patient lift system
  3. K

    Gently Used ALS Equipment for Sale

    I would like to sell the following equipment which was gently used by my family member: Philips Respironics Cough Assist Device 70T with power cord, instruction manual, carrying case and two new (in package) CA 70 series circuits, adult Lg., 6 ft. Asking $550. Tobii Dynavox I-12 communicator...
  4. M

    Dad has ALS and dementia

    My dad has als and I am now his caregiver as he no longer qualifies for the assisted living facility he was in. He has recently begun showing signs of dementia and spends all night trying to get out of bed. He is currently in the hospital due to a fall because of a fall from his bed and has to...
  5. P

    reliable, fair suppliers

    the home page on this site was changed a week ago. the search function on that page worked for me, but it has been removed. the remaining search functions on this site do not work for me. when i type in a few letters, i get redirected off this site;every time. this is the only site that this...
  6. K

    Patient Lift and Carpeting

    With the arrival of a patient lift We have been told to get a couple of office chair carpet protectors to ease moving the lift on carpet. There appear to be hundreds of different types, sizes and material. Can anyone provide guidance? Thanks, Kevin
  7. adozi

    Problem with Hoyer electric lift

    Our lift doesn't work any more. You press the button on the remote, and it clicks, but nothing happens. This would seem to indicate a problem with the relay, but the clicking is coming from the battery area. All of the connections are secure, and the battery appears to be charged. We have had it...
  8. D

    Avoiding DME denials

    We have become pros at avoiding denials of coverage for high-mobility DME (wheelchair, patient lift, hospital bed, slings, tilting shower chair, etc.). We have won all of our appeals for the equipment we need and now have high-level personal contacts with all DME decision-makers. Here are some...
  9. V

    Can one person control a patient lift?

    My husband will soon need a patient lift for transferring from bed to commode to power chair, etc. He weighs over 200 lbs. I am his sole caregiver at this point. I'm trying to decide whether to get an electrically powered lift or a regular hydraulic lift. But the most important issue is...
  10. J

    Easy Pivot EP-82 for sale

    I have a used Easy Pivot EP-82 for sale. It sold for over $2000 new with all the options that were added. I will sell it for $800 plus shipping charges. I can deliver in the 509 area code, otherwise we would have to use UPS or FedEx. I purchased it to help with caring for my 94 year old...