1. A

    Could als be misdiagnosed as radiculopathy?

    Dear all, i had an emg and ncs because of pain started 2 years ago and fasciculations starting 2 months ago. My doctor said that i Have bilateral cervical and bilateral lumbar radiculopathies.He ordered an MRI to see where are the locations of the pinched nerve. My question is could als be...
  2. A

    Had EMG; Have Questions

    I had EMG/NCS done today. The NCS showed carpel tunnel. No abnormalities on EMG. The neuro stuck one needle in each calf, foot, forearm and hand. Is that thorough enough? My neuro says no ALS right now, but of course he cannot predict the future. His suggestion to me was to go to a...
  3. A

    Some helpful info on my symptoms, please

    My symptoms started some eight months ago when I had a wisdom tooth extracted. They started with paresthesia in my right hand... At night the bases of my fingers started getting swollen and red I also also acquired palmar erythrema. This continues up to now. Following was a horrible pain on the...
  4. P

    A few questions from undiagnosed 37 yr old...

    Hi all, For the last 8 months I have had the following symptoms in order of appearance: 1) paresthesia in hands and feet (bilateral) 2) left face numb/tingly 3) Cold /tingly in various places of body 4) Foul taste in mouth (comes and goes) ... tingly/numb in mouth lips 5) Muscle weakness in...
  5. D

    My story so far

    I've spent most of the afternoon and evening reading posts on this site and first I want to say that it's obvious there are a lot of caring people here. I've been inspired, saddened, gladdened, and now emboldened enough to make this post. I'm a 61 (today) year old male with high BP, type II...
  6. U

    Who knows? I don't. :)

    hi all well, this is my first post on this forum and like many other 'first-posters', i am scared, confused, wondering, depressed, anxious, and all the rest. ok, to sum up what i'm about to write...i'm 41, a writer by trade (although my grammar in this post will probably state otherwise)...
  7. C

    awaiting testing...ALS?

    Hi everyone, This place seems to be a good place to post my concerns and get some good advice and hopefully reassurance. I am 27 years old and am attending university over 6000km away from my family. I have been feeling ill in different capacities for some time. I got sick in October, 06 and...
  8. MtPockets

    Does Neurontin lead to ALS?

    Does anyone know of anyone studying this drug Neurontin as related to causing MND ALS? Here are a few quotes I have found: It is given commonly for nerve injury to reduce the pain and the company that makes it states that it does not know how it works. But somehow it stops the nerves from...
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