1. J

    For all the anxious twitchers with clean EMG...

    Hello! After reading a lot, searching a lot, I realized something that definitely reassured me. I thought it might help other people who are anxious ... (Sorry for my english, it's not my first langage :) ) ALS combines problems of upper and lower motor neurons. Each pathway has its own...
  2. F

    Need help with some symptoms

    Hi everyone! First I wanted to say a huge thank you for these forums and the time you put up with a lot of people with symptoms that are in need of help. That said, now to my condition: My name is Felipe I'm a 30 M who lives in Brazil. I've started with a fasciculation outbreak on my whole...
  3. rictak in IA

    I think I'm finally giving up

    7 1/2 years its been now. from a slight tingle in her left foot to total paralysis took roughly 2 years. very slow decline since then, really where do you decline to? her breathing is compromised, but O2 levels stay up with nightly use of the bi-pap. If it was just us, I'd probably suck it...
  4. L

    18 years old.

    Hi, everyone, before I say anything, let me say that I’m a REALLY anxious person. I have really bad social anxiety, health anxiety, basically any form of anxiety. About 8 months ago, I ended up getting this bad pain that basically started at my lower back, that migrated to my left arm, to the...
  5. Inventor

    Taste of chili

    Complete paralysis is no excuse to skip the ALS pepper challenge.
  6. C


    I have been getting paralyzed from the waist down on and off for about two weeks. This morning around 9 i did again but it hasnt went away. Its been over 6 hours and i have not got any feeling back. Has this happened to anyone else? If so how will i know its permanent?
  7. A

    New family member

    Hello! My mom, 75, was just diagnosed with ALS. She’s had symptoms since the spring (vocal cord paralysis, difficulty swallowing, difficulty walking) and finally had the nerve conduction test and more EMG/other tests inpatient in a hospital 2 weeks ago, and now has an answer as to why she’s...
  8. Inventor

    How soon after trache surgery can you use cough assist?

    The surgery was three days ago and now I am coming up with pneumonia. Before the surgery I consulted a doctor who specializes in breath paralysis patients and he did not see why the cough assist could not be used even right after the surgery. Unfortunately that doctor is out of town and the...
  9. S

    First I don't think I have ALS--just need opinions and resources

    I'm 32/female. This all started when I was 15 and has slowly, very, very slowly eaten away at my body. I do not think I have ALS. This is way too slow. My problem areas are all on left side of my body, except for my toes. I haven't been able to wiggle or bend my toes on either foot for about 10...
  10. F

    Upcoming EMG + Trouble Walking

    Hi! First post here. Thank you for your insight in advance. I'm female, 35 years old. Please bear with me as I try to walk you through what's been happening. For the past 18 months, I've been experiencing strange "episodes" of muscle sensations. They usually come on slowly and last for several...