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palliative care

  1. D

    ER for bowel movement?

    I can no longer stand and got a hospital bed a week ago. Don’t have the hoyer lift yet. It has been several days since I have had a bowel movement. Have asked for palliative care and should be approved. In power wheelchair 24/7. Suggestions please.
  2. Kristina1

    disagreement with my husband/cals about end of life decisions

    This is mainly a vent.. We are still working on discussions for writing up an advanced directive. My doctor is referring us to a palliative care doctor to help facilitate those discussions and make final decisions. While talking about this I told my husband when the time comes I DO want a...
  3. L

    On hospice

    My PALS decline has been fast, making it difficult to get things ready in time. And now the change comes even faster. She has been on palliative care for several months, but within about 10 days, first a UTI, then thrush and another infection in the cheeks and jaws have brought us to hospice...
  4. T

    ALS Palliative Care Forum

    My mother was diagnosed with ALS two years ago and out of the many difficulties we've been going through, I feel like basic care is still lacking. I'm hoping this forum can be a place where people in the community can come together and talk about some of the small things in caring for a loved...
  5. Clearwater AL


    (I questioned whether to post this or not. Some may take it wrong but it may bring some conversation to this sub-forum. And… I’m not sure what sub-forum it belongs. Mods… move it if need be.) This is about decisions many of us face. First, I no seek of sympathy, Ann and I have been very...
  6. D

    New report on California aid in dying law

    According to the Cal Dept. of Public Health, up to 20 ALS patients have taken their own lives under California's "aid in dying" law after six months. I do not oppose the general idea of permitting physicians to assist the suicide of terminally ill patients who would otherwise suffer...
  7. pdcraig

    I didn't know what I didn't know

    I've been catching up today and in the roll call was introduced to Slippery Sally All I can say is "God d****t". How is it I have never heard of this? Thank you Tillie BTW. Even 4 1/2 years into this, there is still the seemingly never ending, "I didn't know that." It got me thinking of all...
  8. J

    Feeling worse in the evening?

    Jay starts to feel really bad usually around 7pm. Last night was bad. After I brushed his teeth he had a look on his face like he was in pain. He has a hard time explaining how he feels which is frustrating to me because I don't get it. He did say everything hurt - his head, throat (Not like...
  9. A

    Interpreting the medical specialists

    Help! In the last week we have had visits by our GP, hospice nurse and palliative care specialist. ( she's head of palliative care in our large regional hospital that is 1 hour away.) We do feel very special that we have so many people helping us! The problem is, all of them finally get around...
  10. G

    Wasting Away...

    Mom has lived way longer than she should have. Palliative care mentioned cachexia yesterday. Too much fluid and she basically drowns, too little and she basically starves. Trying a higher calorie feed. For my comfort more than it will benefit her.

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