1. M

    Ck Up, fasciculation and cramping

    8 months ago tight pain in both hips. I’ve had Mri of all parts of my body nothing showing 4 months ago pain in mid back around to ribs when standing gets worse as day goes on. Mood has been depressed I’ve never felt like this in my life. My voice is also super hoarse I can’t sing anymore...
  2. M

    EMG in the morning

    I’m having an EMG tomorrow in Houston. I’m obviously scared. 8 months ago I started having tight pain in hips, 2 months later mid back pain when standing gets worse as day goes on. 4 weeks ago legs start twitching all under skin feels weird. Mood has been depressed I’ve never felt like this in...
  3. W

    Does this sound like ALS?

    I apologize if I accidentally posted this twice. I tried posting earlier but I’m afraid I did something wrong and lost the post because I can’t find it. I’ll try to re-type my sentiments from my earlier post... I went to visit my PCP regarding muscle twitching. I have had twitching for about...
  4. S


    Hi my issue started in Nov was cooking bad pain in right hand went to doc blood test xray all fine physio noticed atrophy in my hand between thumb and forefinger went to neuro she didn't think I had adl had a emg result one slightly abnormal muscle in hand all others OK ongoing tingling numbness...
  5. S


    Hi back in November while cooking I had bad pain in right hand went to doc did blood tests xray nothing came up went to physio he noticed wasted muscle in between thumb and forefinger advised go to neuro she didn't think I had adl bfubding writing hard painful hand feels weak had a emg test...
  6. KimT


    Today I had my remaining crown replaced with a temporary. In two weeks I'll go back for the permanent. The last thing I wanted to happen was for a cracked crown to break off when I'm not as mobile as now so I had it done. They had all the info in my chart and there was a new dentist only 28...
  7. Jamesgol

    Pain... what to do.

    Lately, I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my upper left arm and left hip. There is a constant throbbing and, sometimes, a very sharp stabbing pain, especially if I move the limb. My wife works on ROM once a day with me. That is always painful. What do PALS here do about pain? James
  8. D

    My symptoms

    Hello I have read all the things I should before posting so please just hear me out as I have done a lot of research. First of all let me just say I am proud of everyone in here who has dealt with this horrible disease, now I know twitching isn’t a sign of als but can come along with it. My main...
  9. D

    My symptoms

    Hello I am a 19 year old male and have had multiple symptoms and have some questions. Before I start I know twitching isn’t a “sign” of als but can go along with it. Started off about 3 weeks ago I just started to feel off as I am pretty well tuned with my body. I’ve had random twitching for...
  10. Nuts


    Matt has been gone four months, and it feels like a lifetime. On the other hand, I think I'm just now mourning what we went through. All the losses that I was unable to mourn because we were too busy trying to live--I think they are battling their way out of the box I locked them in at the time...