pain control

  1. B

    Resisting use of meds for pain control

    My sister, who is herself a physician (pediatrician) fights any suggestion for using any meds stronger than Advil or Tylenol. Obviously we don't want to push drug use unnecessarily but she seems abnormally resistant to using anything else. Her daughter (caregiver) is suffering from her sleep...
  2. Mojoloco

    New to the forum

    Hello- I am new at posting but I have been following along for quite some time. My wife was diagnosed two and a half years ago so I have had the same ups and downs all of us caregivers have had. So far I have been holding my own but today has been a turning point. She is now on home hospice...
  3. G

    Electrical muscle stimulation // TENS

    TENS means "Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation". Using stick-on conductor pads, this 'thingie' delivers mild electric shock to selected muscle groups. Commonly used for pain control. A bit more scientific than sticking a prod in a frog's brain, but not too far off... They are also...
  4. D


    I am experiencing ongoing constipation as a result of the Dilaudid (hydromorphone) that I am taking. Because it's a narcotic, constipation is one of Dilaudid's side effects. Therefore, because I am taking it every night for sleep and occasionally during the day for pain control, I am...
  5. indigosd

    Pain Control

    Excellent and in depth article that deals with pain control. Treatment of Pain and Suffering in the Terminally Ill