1. Kristina1

    can you reverse contracture?

    Is it possible to reverse contacture? I have curling fingers, I now wear a splint/orthotic as often as i can to stop it getting worse, but is there a way to reverse the damage already done? Two of my fingers have a lot of pain from it.
  2. B

    Knee-Ankle-Foot (KAFO) Orthotics

    Has anyone out there been prescribed these? If so, what is or has been your experience with them? Do they help or are they too cumbersome? I currently have AFOs, but the therapist says I should consider the KAFOs due to weakness/instability in my upper legs.
  3. KarenNWendyn

    AFO wear and tear

    This is more of a heads up than a question. I have bilateral AFOs which are Allard toe-off 2.0. They appear to be made of either fiberglass or carbon fiber with the vertical piece welded to the foot plate. I’ve been using them 10-11 months now with great success. I recently noticed...
  4. smoochiegal

    Drop Neck

    My husband has very little muscle control left in his neck. We went and got a orthotic neck brace for him but he finds it very uncomfortable and so restrictive that he cannot see his feet when he walks so therefore will not wear it. He also has a soft foam cervical collar that he wears but it...
  5. M

    trying to help a friend with diagnosis and need feedback/advice

    Hi all, I'm Meredith and I'm trying to help a dear friend get an accurate diagnosis. I happen to have a daughter with a neuromuscular disease called Bethlem Myopathy and I have found that the best information often comes from other people going through the same thing.... My friend Judy is 70...
  6. liz

    Ankle Foot Orthotics

    I will be getting AFOs at my next clinic appointment. Can folks who've used these share a little of their experience. Will I need new shoes? Are they hard to get on/off if you have weak hands? How much do they really help with walking and for how long? Etc.?