1. M

    new neck brace that looks like it will work

    a neck support that looks like it will work! it was developed and tested under the name sheffield snood, and it is being marketed under the name headup collar. here is some info on it...
  2. D

    Jaeco Wrex upper limb orthosis

    Functional upper limb orthosis designed to enhance movement of the arm for persons with neuromuscular disabilities. Attaches to wheelchair back. My mother had ALS and used this for approximately 2 months before she became too weak to use it. It allowed her to bring her utensil up to her mouth to...
  3. lgelb

    Resource Second opinions and first clinic visits

    Do you really have ALS? A diagnosis of ALS or any other motor neuron disease (PLS, PMA, PBP, MMN) is made “by exclusion” (no higher probability presents itself) and by published criteria, most critically symptoms and muscle/nerve tests. Doctors may legitimately differ on whether you have...
  4. D

    Donation of AFO Leg Brace

    I would like to know who I would contact to donate an AFO Brace (Ankle-Foot-Orthosis Brace). It is a Carbon AFO lightweight brace that fits in the shoe under the insole. Thank you! Debi
  5. trying to stay positive

    More items to donate to PALS

    Hi everyone, I have another list of items free of charge for any PALS that may need them. The shower/commode chair Shower transfer bench raised toliet seat with removeable arms wood transfer board gel mattress overlay for a hospital bed the phone you gave us a gait belt hoyer...
  6. rose

    the clinc visit at Hopkins

    Well, I'm back in Jersey, and wanted to share a little about the clinic visit last Tuesday. There was a LOT to take in, and honestly, because we went directly from Hopkins on down to Virginia to do some camping, I have not even opened all of the literature we were given. The clinic's director...