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    Twitching question?

    I was wondering about the twitching associated with ALS. I have read that for some it was their first an only symptom, but I've also read that it's not until after the muscle atrophies that the twitching begins. My question is, is the twitching continuous (constant) if it's the first sign, or...
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    tongue emg

    Hi, I am looking for some information. My dad had a full emg about a month ago (arms legs hands feet shoulder neck tongue). It was normal. My question is is it still possible for him to be diagnosed with bulbar als with a normal emg including the tongue. The only symptom he has is...
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    Question Regarding Diagnosis - Please Help

    Hello, My Father has been having a problem with his tongue over the last few months; following are the details: When he forces the tongue out of his mount it bends to the right side, almost as if there is a string tied to the front and the back that is preventing him from fully "sticking his...