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  1. N

    6 days new CALS: husband wants to stop meds

    Hello, Firstly, please please excuse whatever mistakes I may be making in format or etiquette in this first shaky terrified post. 'CL' was diagnosed Tuesday March 4 with ALS. Doc is head of area ALS clinic so knows his business. So far his only symptom is right foot drop and mild twitches on...
  2. A

    Searching for answers.

    Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I'm 21 years old. I currently have some questions regarding some symptoms I've been experiencing for the past six months that have never occurred before. Back in June of 2013, I was taking a shower and as I was about to get out, I instantly felt neck pain and I...
  3. J

    Worried sick over progressing symptoms...please help!

    Hello, I've posted here before but my symptoms keep changing and my worry keeps growing so here I am again. I'm a 31 y/o male who leads a pretty active lifestyle, but also spends a lot of time typing on my tablet, computer, and phone. Ill start at the beginning. About a month ago, I got...
  4. G

    My symptoms.. and worries

    I'm a 38 year old married woman with an 11 year old daughter and 13 year old son. I live in Utah. Back in May, I started to notice arm weakness, mostly in my left arm. That was my only symptom at first. I got very worried about it one evening and panicked to my husband telling him, "I know...
  5. LeprechaunSean

    How accurate are EMG's?

    I have been going through an ALS diagnosis for over a year now. 6 months ago I was classified as 'possible' ALS (stage 1) and after a follow up last thursday with my neurologist which included my fourth EMG I was shocked to hear him tell me that I was now going to be classified as 'probable'...
  6. H

    Still Waiting

    A year ago I began having problems with slurred speech---at first only occasional, but then in early March, 2012, my adult son begged me to see a doctor. I put it off until June, and then began the runaround. I've had blood work upon blood work, urine tests (all clear), an MRI (clear) and an...
  7. D

    Scared i have ALS

    Hello. I am terrified that i have Als. My only symptom is twitching that is somewhat widespread. My life has come to a complete standstill because of this. I dont have any weakness in my limbs so what are the chances that this is Als, at age 20.
  8. C

    my dad just diagmosed.

    My dad was just diagnosed with als earlier this month. Well that's what the doc said from the Cleveland clinic even tho right now it us just affecting his lower motor neurons. He said it us just a variety of als and eventually the upper motor neurons will catch up. And that's basically all he...
  9. Danijela

    Another summer

    Hello everyione! I have been away for about six weeks so not had many chances to log on, but I'll soon catch up. I am grateful for another summer with my partner and our lovely son, who was six months old on 15 July. I shall post some more up to date photographs on my page. Laurence, my...
  10. W

    BCFS or ALS

    Hi, We all know that most people here are scared of twitching being an early ALS symptom. But we also know that most PALS don't start with twitching (alone) and that if twitching is your ONLY symptom you don't have much to worry. 1.But what about the cramps (and twitching)? Mine came later on...