on-screen keyboard

  1. N

    On-screen keyboard and a mouse for ALS patients

    Most of ALS patients are losing fingers strengths and it is getting harder to operate a regular keyboard. Here is a way you still can create texts using “On-screen keyboard” as long as you can use a mouse with you one finger. Mike How to activate Microsoft “On-Screen Keyboard” on your screen...
  2. M

    Terminal Wean from Ventilator

    It has been a while since I have posted so I wanted to relay a chain of events that may help others in a similar situation or heading toward a similar situation. My father was diagnosed with ALS in September 2013 at 71 years old. His symptom onset was a year prior with overall weakness...
  3. notme

    So, you think you might have ALS?

    Welcome New Person, You're here for one of several reasons. You're scared because some symptoms you've had popped up as ALS on Dr. G o 0 g 1 e. Or, perhaps you've already seen a doctor and that doctor has suspicions that have sent you looking for answers. The Sticky Posts have great...