1. A


    as if all the other indignities are not enough, this week I started drooling a lot.! it saddens me since I realize it is one more sign of weakened swallow, and all that saliva has to go somewhere. My solution today was to take ten mg. Of cannabis oil down the tube. It works, dries my mouth...
  2. I

    hospital bed, mattress, pressure sores, dynavox, oh my!!!

    At our latest clinic visit we were advised that it was time for yet even more equipment than we were prepared to hear. Time for hospital bed, special mattress, dynavox for speech and change in PEG formula. This has left me with little time to research therefore I am asking those who have been...
  3. tripete

    New Cat oil painting

    Here is an oil painting i just finished of our cat. the photos are a little more brown then the real painting
  4. L

    My Dad Died April 9th

    It has been such a busy time and I hadn't had a chance to post earlier. He was diagnosed 3/23/2017 and progressed rapidly. By May 2017 he was on AVAPS, July 25th he got a feeding tube and by December he had pneumonia and after being intubated for a couple of weeks went home on the Trilogy. He...
  5. tripete

    Snowy Night

    I finished a new oil painting - it took 6 months but time to start another one
  6. B

    Article about demographics etc for ALS reversals (Dr. Bedlack)

    I follow Dr. Bedlack on twitter and this popped up yesterday....really interesting. Makes me want to try some of the supplements they mentioned: "The odds of taking curcumin, luteolin, cannabidiol, azathioprine, copper, glutathione, vitamin D, and fish oil were higher for cases than for...
  7. F

    the father/daughter talk

    A daughter asks her dad, "Dad, there is something that my boyfriend said to me that I didn’t understand. He is SOooo into his cars and said that I have a beautiful chassis, lovely airbags and a fantastic bumper.” Her dad said, "You tell your boyfriend that if he opens your hood and tries to...
  8. KimT

    Facebook Group Pot for PALS

    If you are interested in ongoing discussions about medical cannabis, there is a new FB Group called Pot for PALS. It is being run by the same person who runs Pills for PALS. I've learned a lot about supplementation from the other group and hope I can contribute something in the new group. I...
  9. H

    Need some help on weight gain and stomach collapsing when I lie down

    Hello everyone. So a bit of background for me. I had some issues swallowing for over a year. I had an EMG in Oct 2017 that indicated diffuse denervation. I thought it was multiple sclerosis at first, then Kennedy disease then oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy due to wishing it wasn't ALS and...
  10. D

    Treatment with cannabis oil, please share your experience

    Dear Sir or Madam. My daddy 57 years old. In November 2017, my loved daddy was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS disease or motor neuron disease). Bulbar shape in the initial stage. Symptoms: the blurred (smeared) speech, twitching of the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle...