1. A

    Permobil F3 CORPUS Power Wheelchair

    Hello everyone! I have a slightly used Permobil F3 CORPUS Power wheelchair for sale. It was used by my father for about 3 months and comes with the charging unit as well as a Jay cushioned seat. Looking to get 3,000 for it and I am located in Ohio. Please contact Drew at [email protected] for...
  2. T

    Respite Care

    I feel bad because I don't have a lot of experience in offering help or resources to others in need, I am just figuring out this ALS thing myself and ask for more help than I give. Now I am asking again. I am caring for my 96 year old dad who lives alone, but he is failing. I do his medicines...
  3. B

    Ongoing Testing for MND

    Hello. I am new to this forum.I am male, age 66. In May 2014 while at our home in Ohio, I discovered I could not start going up a ladder with my left leg no matter how hard I tried. Prior to that, I sort of "pulled" a muscle in that leg simply slow-dancing with my wife :). Then I started having...
  4. Grumpy'sWife

    Quantum Q-6 Edge pwc

    We purchased a brand new Q-6 Edge for Grumpy to have as a 2nd chair. He was 5-10 and weighed 227 when they went through the fitting process. He probably spent a total of 50 hours in it. It wasn't to his liking after he received his Permobile. It does NOT have a Roho cushion just a gel/ memory...
  5. Rhonda J

    So many mixed emotions....I am a horrible person

    My husband has had this horrible disease for 6 years. He is 57 and I am 50. We have been married 11 years. He is a 25 year Retired Veteran of the Air Force. It came on fast, it took his voice and his walking first...then gradually he has declined to the point of being in a wheelchair 12-14...
  6. B

    Hello Again

    Hello all, I haven't been around in a while. I hope you are all ok - well - as ok as you can be. I was diagnosed 1 year ago June 17th. Seems like a long time ago although only a year. This has been a LONG year for a lot of reasons. Mostly good. I have grown so much emotionally and...
  7. J


    hello ill try to make this short but any input from pals would be much appreciated. Oct 2nd 2014 that was when I first noticed something was off with me, I noticed I had lost 15lbs for no reason. Im 32 years old 5ft 11in and currently weight 180 lbs. I know weight loss as a first symptom of MND...
  8. A

    How to locate members near me?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but how do I search members that are near me? Say, in Ohio or in the Cincinnati area?
  9. J

    ALS Director coming to my home

    Can someone please explain what the ALS Ass. does and why they like to come out to your home? As I have stated earlier my wife has ALS. I have no complaints for them to come out to my home, I just don't really understand all that takes place. I would take their help, but first I need to know...
  10. Grumpy'sWife

    Thanksgiving, Grumpy's Birthday and Mine too!

    Grumpy and I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Today is also Grumpy's birthday so needless to say it feels like our home was invaded by everyone and their brother. Since tomorrow is my birthday, everyone decided to drop in even if they didn't stay for dinner. We cooked a 22 pound...