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    Advice needed

    Hi All, I have posted on this forum a few months back about my dad's als and I am back with questions. Seems like he is progressing faster than average. In last 9 months from being able to walk a mile to needing a wheelchair, no speech and now trach and feeding tube. Pardon me if I am repeating...
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    Living Will

    My dad is going in to get a PEG tube placed tomorrow morning. The doctor told my folks to review their living will, make any changes necessary, and bring it with them. This is a scary thing to think about, and nothing really happened about it. The document currently says that in the event of a...
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    To tube, or not to tube (feeding tube pros and cons)

    Hi there! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist that provides services for inpatients, outpatients, home-health and hospice (jack of all trades, master of none :)). I have been in the field for about 2.5 years, and just recently have had two patient's referred to me, both with ALS. Both...
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    Advice needed from experienced folks

    Dad is becoming increasingly weak every day. He is barely able to walk now and his back and leg muscle feel "tight". Is there any way to get relief ? One guess of mine is he is eating less due to swallowing issues and because he can't taste food well nor does he feel hungry. May be his body is...
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    Free Session on Naturopathic Medicine

    This was recieved by me from Helen Taylor and while ALS Ont. in no way is participating in this seminar they were kind enough to pass it on as they know some of us do have an interest in it. My thanks to Helen. There have been other threads on this subject that can be found in the search. AL>...
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    This is a complete list of ingredients in McDonald's foods.
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    Revisiting Toxic Additives to Foods

    It is increasingly difficult to come up with any food other than any and all being home-made in order to assure nutrition as well as being toxin-free.
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    Truley inspiring and educational

    Hi everyone, i was just wandering if anyone Has looked into tHe website i receive a newsletter every week and i was just readng some of tHe pals stories, some of tHem will give you goose bumps like kims and otHers will give you Hope and faitH tHat we will find a cure for...
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    I've feeding tube. I can't swallow food and liquid. 108 lbs.

    :shock: Today, when I awoke, I could not sit up. I was shocked and stressed because I always managed to get up and get dressed. My dietician told me last month, that 8 cans of liquid isocal were enough calories for each 24 hr period. But that is the only food my body gets. I cannot swallow...
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    How Aspartame Causes Lou Gehrigs

    Aspartame and Lou Gehrigs disease Aspartame damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. The article below (Team Targets Sudden Cardiac Death) might as well have been written about this toxin because it describes the problem this killer causes. Tragic reports from Iraq...