1. Nikki J

    Nutrition and ALS webinar

    The CCALS topic for May. It looks like it is going to be about tube feeding - particularly Liquid Hope. It may be somewhat commercial but the concept of real food versus chemical formulas is something we talk about here a lot...
  2. S

    Rough time, symptomatic and looking for some help.

    *after writing this, I see I am just regergitating all the symptoms I have been having and it lead to a long post. My intention is to let you know what ALL is going on when we all know there is probably just specific symptoms that I am focusing on for this forum.* Thanks for reading this long...
  3. S

    Fiance' diagnosed last week

    My fiance' was diagnosed one week ago today! UGH! I am reading like crazy and realize I will have a medical degree soon! I sure need one to understand everything! Its difficult when what works for one doesn't work for another. How do we know what is right? When pALS are losing muscle how is...
  4. C

    Symptoms persisting. Respiratory Onset?

    Hello all, some of you may remember I made a post about a month ago concerning my symptoms. That thread is now closed but I will summarize everything here. My concern is that I have been having very concerning symptoms the past 2 months and I am worried about my health. I will break down...
  5. L

    My Dad Died April 9th

    It has been such a busy time and I hadn't had a chance to post earlier. He was diagnosed 3/23/2017 and progressed rapidly. By May 2017 he was on AVAPS, July 25th he got a feeding tube and by December he had pneumonia and after being intubated for a couple of weeks went home on the Trilogy. He...
  6. K

    Fasciculations and the Microbiome

    Long time appreciator of the resources of forums like this that provide means to help reduce the stress of new and foreign symptoms. 30 y/o male with no family history of ALS. Pre August 2017: I may have had a twitch here or there that never bothered me. I remember at least in May of 2017 a...
  7. Bestfriends14

    A question for PALS

    Hello, My husband has just ended his clinical trial (he dropped out March 28th) for Pimozide. Apparently, he's not progressed in his right leg or arm since last September but has only slightly in his left leg, which is his drop foot leg. However, I am finding it harder and harder to believe...
  8. Nikki J

    Nutrition Webinar

    NEALS webinar
  9. C

    Tube feeding side effects? Which Formula?

    I have a feeding tube that I currently use for my meds. I see the day approaching where I will need to start using it for nutrition. What are the side effects? Will it be diarrhea after every feed? What formulas are best to reduce diarrhea? Ive heard of gravity feeding and a pump....HELP...
  10. D

    Hello, please can someone help me I'm new and I'm scared and confused

    Hello, I just wanted to ask some questions, first I wanna say that I have worked out hard for about four years, I never really ate alot my nutrition wasn't great and I never drank alot of water and I sweat alot, well awhile back I developed a twitch in my left bicep and it was on and off, in May...