nursing homes

  1. ruthiep

    Frustrated & tired

    I'm praying that this horrible disease will slow down and give Scott a break.....he's tired and I'm not a happy camper. Sitting here crying because our bed is "messy"....heavy comforter and "tucked in top sheet" have been nixed because they bother his feet/legs. The swollen/ice cold feet...
  2. R

    Has anyone got ALS the day of surgery?

    My husband is 50 yrs old. He had a total hip replacement in November. When he came out of surgery he was screaming in pain even though he was heavily medicated. They pumped with a bunch of muscle relaxers. The next day he said his leg (thigh) felt like jello. His leg has been numb from hip...
  3. Pandora

    Found this today, How awful!

    [B]Disability Advocates Arrested On Capitol HIll Nearly 100 disability advocates were arrested Monday evening on Capitol Hill as they protested against proposed changes to Medicaid which they said would force people with disabilities to live in institutions. The 91 arrested were among about...
  4. NotALS!

    ALS and title 19

    I am 50 and have a 14 yr old child. If my husband dies, I couldn't take care of my child since i can't work anymore. I can still drive but am worried about the future progress of this disease. If my husband dies, would it be wise to put my house in my child's name to avoid losing it to title 19...
  5. S

    Stressed out caregiver!

    I'm new to this,but I need some suggestions, prayer, help or something..I'm really on the brink of a melt down. Long story made short, Im an only child married mother to 7 kids, taking care of my mom who has ALS for the last 5yrs. Had private duty nursing, but I had so many bad experiences, one...
  6. C

    ALS Problems / Ranting

    Before you read this... my intention was to get your opinion... however, by the end, it has really turned into me ranting about how horrible this disease is... so I understand if you don't read any further. I've posted on here a couple of times and the replies have really helped so I thought...
  7. Gelthling

    Update on Mum

    I know few of you have read my previous posts - just wanted to do a little update. At the moment mum is in hospital. I have been worrying about her all weekend as she has been texting me that she wont drink anything at all if she has to drink thickened fluids, and the most she eats is...
  8. T

    At A Loss of What To Do

    We moved in with my Mom over a year ago to care for her. She has gone from living upstairs and on a walker when we moved in to being in a wheelchair fulltime downstairs. Our relationship over this past year has deteriorated almost as fast as her body has. I have tried to let her be in control...
  9. J

    nursing homes

    I would like to hear comments regarding PALS experience with living in nursing homes. Does anyone have any idea as to the percent of ALS patients living in a long term care facility.
  10. K

    My Mother's Story

    This is my first post. I have been reading the forum for awhile and it has been just what I was needing. Sometimes when I wake in the night, I go to the computer and read for an hour or so, until I feel sleepy again. Last night I sobbed after reading Sara and Autumn’s threads. Here’s my...