1. K

    Suctioning is scary!

    Long story short. My sister and I got to learn how to suction for my mum, who is on a trach. I had watched the nurses do it for almost 2 months now, so am pretty sure of the steps, but my friend had warned me beforehand that it is going to be so much different when you do it yourself esp on your...
  2. L

    husband in "final stages"

    Hey out there! This is my first time doing this. Have had counselors, hospice nurses, Duke ALS, etc. Still not coping with all of this. Husband Perry is I believe in "final stages" of this horrible disease. I know that there is only One who can answer my question of "when will this finally be...
  3. L

    My demented year with ALS

    I have not written for awhile, not since Jay got his PEG on August 22. It has been crazy here since the surgery. Jay cannot handle the volume of Jevity needed to stay alive with the PEG and the dementia has really accelerated. My PALS quit using the bipap not long after the PEG. He goes into...
  4. K

    Smelly Trach

    I have a few questions I hope a RN or anyone with trach experience can answer me. I was cleaning my mum up yesterday night at the hospital when I realised the stoma area where the trach tubes are smelled foul. I notified the nurses, but they told me it is normal. Is it? They also used Mepilex...
  5. D

    meds nightmare

    Can anyone help me here, or relate anyway? I am at my wits' dad has been on Ativan for a week now and it's turned him into a blithering idiot! THe nurses say they have to give it to him because Hospice decrees it. So I talk to Hospice and they say the nursing home doesn't know what...
  6. K

    Ventilator or Bipap?

    My mum's been recently diagnosed with ALS. She's still in the hospital and had tracheotomy done. She's currently attached to Vivo 30 ( My question is what type of machine is that? A ventilator or bipap? Or are they the same? The nurses...