1. J

    Now, after all, can I bring my cause of ALS?

    hi, since i am diagnosed, i sit at home, go to gym/spa, like i used to do in past 20 years learning about als, read pubmed, alsuntangled... i am not eligible for nurown trial. i am not usa/canada resident, im 50 y old, 210 pounds weight for last 10 years (i felt and i had left elbow luxation...
  2. KarenNWendyn

    NurOwn stem cell phase 3 study

    I have looked into this study and had a fairly extensive discussion with the study coordinator at the San Francisco site. I am posting information about this study here in case anyone is interested. Enrollment is still open for this phase 3 study. The study is sponsored by Brainstorm Cell...
  3. J

    Nurown - by 2019?

    it is in trial III phase. does anybody know when (if it pass) it will be available and what will be cost range, since it is not common "drug"? i think i read 2019, but dont remember that trial will end then or... thanks
  4. G

    Radicava or NurOwn stem cell trial?

    Assuming you had access to both, and cost was not an issue, which would you choose? Radicava or a 50/50 coin flip as a participant in the NurOwn stem cell trial (placebo or actual treatment)? You can't do both. My wife started Radicava last week, but is still haunted by the PR from BrainStorm...
  5. A

    Brainstorm Webinar 18 July w/ Q&A

    Register here: I've signed up but unfortunately it runs at 3am - 4am for me due to the time difference.. If someone could listen in and let me...
  6. Kristina1

    question about how placebo would work for stem cell trial

    The neurologist told me that a trial for BrainStorm/NurOwn stem cell therapy would be starting in my area soon. She mentioned there would be a placebo group though. I don't understand how that would work. If you end up assigned to the placebo group are they seriously going to remove your bone...
  7. S

    Nurown/Treatment Options

    My uncle currently resides in Florida, and I am aggressively trying to find treatment options for him. Does anyone know when Nurown will be available?
  8. K

    Did NurOwn work for you?

    Hello PALS I have been doing some research into NurOwn as a therapy for ALS. The problem I have is that I'm not a scientist, and the published reports leave me a little confused as to what is actually going on. I was hoping that a few people on this forum may have undergone the trials to date...
  9. lgelb

    Canadian early access to NurOwn is possible

    PR is here.
  10. chally


    Any information on this from anybody? NurOwn My sister sent it to me but it doesn't even describe what it is ! Smells fishy! Chally