1. T

    Ques. on Brainstorm (NurOwn Trial)

    Hello: I am a cALS for my husband. I have questions about the Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics (Trial of NurOwn for ALS): 1) What are the pros and cons of this trial? 2) It seems to have promising anecdotal info. -- why aren't more people doing it? 3) When will results be published? 4) When could...
  2. J

    Brainstorm Nurown 'Right to Try' participant shares progress

    As some of you may know, Brainstorm granted one PALS free access to NurOwn as a 'thank you' for the work he did on Right to Try. He is not in a trial but is being given the course separately. His update is on Facebook -- matt.bellinski.7 Mod note -- not linking directly due to fundraising...
  3. C

    Mood changes

    Hi all, This is sort of an update post (last post was in the Newly Diagnosed) but I wanted to move my thread to a maybe more appropriate category. My husband has gotten a second opinion from the chief neurologist at the University of Münster in Germany, where he is from. He was also able to...
  4. J


    desperate, just like everyone on this forum, i'm trying, trying... bureaucracy, science, time... everything is against us. what knocked me down is one scientist's sentence: "it is terrible to see patients dying faster then mice". time is crucial thing. my body is a weaker on a daily basis. so...
  5. J

    Brainstorm considering Right to Try for NurOwn access

    Thought you guys might be interested to hear how the Brainstorm conference call went today. Seems like the CEO Chaim Lebovits really wants to make NurOwn available but the logistics are up in the air and nothing is confirmed...
  6. MJALSWarrior

    Right to Try

    Has anyone seen anything to indicate whether the VA is going to recognize the Right to Try and allow us to try Nurown or other promising drugs under development?
  7. G

    "Right To Try" in Minnesota

    I'm hoping to get BrainStorm NurOwn stem cells. BrainStorm is hoping to get the policy in early June. So I still can play my guitar, play my drums, do yard work and ride my scooter. I can't talk to well. But I'm hoping to get NurOwn.
  8. J

    Nurown differences in phase II/III

    phase III nurown started. i hope so... did brainstorm make any changes in nurown? i mean, are the patients in non-placebo phase III trial group treated the same way like they did in a phase II/did brainstorm made any changes used in phase III cells compared to phase II s.cells? it will be very...
  9. J

    NurOwn starts today!

    everything is ready, as far as i know, there should be 3 treatments, every 6 months. placebo and real drug. after 1. there will be difference, after second injection, difference should be visible well, after 3. (1,5yrs). everything will be clear. anybody has idea how much will treatment cost if...
  10. J

    Feasibility study for new drug

    let's say there are 5 [email protected] statistic data say less ([email protected]), but there are many poor, old, sick from other diseases etc. it means that there are on earth max 500000 pals (according to official data 100-200000). 90% cannot afford themselves drug which is permanent and cost (lets...