1. F


    Has anyone with bulbar onset had any success with Nuedexta used to slow progression and help with speech and swallowing?
  2. W


    Azilect is a drug approved for Parkinsons. It is an MAOI-B, meaning inspite of the FDA warning there are no dietary restrictions or medication interactions to worry about -- One only has to be concerned if on an MAOI-A such as Parnate. It is currently in a trial for ALS. I discovered that...
  3. Graybeard

    Cannabis Success Story

    This is in response to 4tloml in another thread. My younger son just heard from his friend in Seattle who had been losing a battle with cancer. He self-medicated with high THC oil, half grain of rice size, in a capsule. He started with as many doses as he could stand from the highs, and is...
  4. Graybeard

    Question for Veterans

    Are any of you getting Nuedexta from VA? I think I read that somewhere recently. Can't get it from Long Beach VA, and my neuro wants to know. Thanks.
  5. L

    Emotional lability and Nuedexta

    I recently returned from a trip to Minnesota to see family & friends. The thought of traveling alone was a bit scary, but I decided it would be fine. After two weeks there, my friend (who I met on this forum and who has PLS) dropped me off at the airport. After saying goodbye and getting...
  6. S


    I took my first Nuedexta capsule which I took dissolved in a shotglass od Dr. Pepper. It tasted so awful I could barely get it down. I am unable to swallow capsules. Are you all able to swallow capsules or do you all have feeding tubes you shove the capsule down or does Nuedexta in some other...
  7. adozi

    Coupon for riluzole $30 for a month!

    Good RX dot com. Haven't tried it yet, the nurse from ALS clinic just sent it to me. Also, there is a discount card on the Nuedexta website, but it doesn't work if you have Medicare /caid, only private insurance. Would be nice, since Humana Medicare part d has decided to jack up the price to...
  8. B

    First ALS Clinic vist

    I went to my first ALS clinic yesterday...found it pretty slick to expedite the treatment of this crap! Especially the meds, generic Rilusole is only a 5 dollar copay with my insurance. I pushed for Nuedexta over Prozak, but that sh!t is expensive...200 bucks on copay(no generics). I really...
  9. Mike in Maine

    Nuedexta 20-10mg

    NUEDEXTA 20-10MG (Nuedexta dextromethorphan 20 mg / quinidine 10 mg) Have any of you tried NUEDEXTA yet? My Doc put me on it to help control the emotional issues (crying/laughing), works great. Really leveled things out for me. Only drawback is it is another pill that makes you tried! Would be...
  10. jellis86

    Sleep aids

    Last month my Doctor started having me wean off amitriptyline. One reason being she doesn't like some of it's side effects. Another is because she put me on Nuedexta and there are some slight interactions. Anyway, I went from 50 mg to 25 mg and am now off of it. I am not sleeping nearly as well...