1. bkite

    Tomato Juice for Saliva Control

    Has anyone had benefit, in saliva reduction, by taking tomato juice? I just came across this article: "For the management of excess saliva, we suggest drinking two glasses of tomato juice daily, if possible. Tomatoes contain high concentrations of lycopene, which is a natural reducer of...
  2. J

    Huge help to control excess saliva from bulbar ALS (Glycopyrrolate)

    About two years after receiving his ALS diagnosis, my dad started to experience excessive saliva. He had to clear his throat through coughing because it was difficult for him to spit. After trying Nuedexta, Amitriptyline, and several other prescription drugs, we found Glycopyrrolate to be by...
  3. S

    Phlegm issues

    Hi friends! My mom was diagnosed in Feb/17 and seems to have bulbar onset although the doctors haven't said. Her first symptom was hand weakness and now she has slurred speech, decreased FVC and just recently issues with swallowing. We live in Canada and are getting the generic version of...
  4. S

    ANyone have experience with Nuedexta

    Curious if it would help someone on a feeding tube. Thx!
  5. D

    Bulbar mnd

    hi there i m a singaporean 60 yrs old have been suffering frorm bulbard since late 2012 right now i have excessive saliva which irritate me a lot and also i have the feeling that my mouth in full of saliva and also swallowing problme tks anyone can help me i m currently on nuedexta and have...
  6. Nikki J


    The results of the phase 2 trial are here Enhanced Bulbar Function in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: The Nuedexta Treatment Trial | SpringerLink It has been discussed here and some of our members reported that taking it for PBA seemed to help their bulbar function at least for a while. The...
  7. J

    Nuedexta interactions

    Hi everyone. First timer here. My wonderfully amazing, kind, loving, totally AWESOME husband has been diagnosed with bulbar onset. My heart is shredded ... shattered ... Our nuero gave him an RX for Nuedexta which he is eager to start. My husband is currently on a host of vitamins and...
  8. S


    I was thinking I read that some have used Nuedexta and found it helpful with swallowing and or speech? Who all is using it and what results have you found?
  9. N

    Question about medicaid and home health vs hospice

    So we only have one company in the area that does home health and hospice. Right now I am getting pt twice a week along with an aid that helps Vicky shower and shave me. Twice now they have had a rep come by and " advise" us. He is really pushing us to switch to hospice and go on medicaid even...
  10. N

    My daddy got bulbar ALS - and a question about Nuedexta...

    Until two weeks ago we were hopeful that it was 'only' a progressive bulbar palsy. But no, it's ALS - he's been diagnozed about a year after his first symptoms. He lives in Poland, and I am here in the US. It hurts so bad to be that far away from him... I am utterly hearbroken... His symptoms...