1. P

    Interaction with nuedexta and albrioza/relyvrio

    Our neurologist was all set to prescribe us nuedexta (compounded here in Canada) but then decided not to due to potential interactions with nuedexta and albrioza/relyvrio . Apparently there could be a negative effect on heart function and blood platelet. Has anyone heard of this? Is anyone...
  2. N

    quitting Nuedexta?

    Any opinions on if my PALS should quit the Nuedexta in order to improve his current pneumonia? Wouldn't it help if his cough wasn't reduced? thank you in advance for your thoughts on this.
  3. Trippy

    Nuedexta as needed?

    Does anyone take this drug as needed, for example when planning to be around people, etc. or take it on a different schedule than manufacturer recommendations? I did a search but couldn’t find any information. I started a half dose (one pill) last week and within 24 hours noticed a definite...
  4. A

    Nuedexta and radicava

    My mother found out that she’ll be able to start radicava soon and Medicare is going to cover the entire cost! She also had a feeding tube put in last week at Mass General and it went well. She can still eat relatively normally but gets tired after a while and has lost a little weight. She...
  5. V

    Use of nuedexta be risk for patients with mucus problem

    Heard nuedexta or Dextromethorphan.can ease swallowing difficulties and speech problem. My Dad (an ALS patient) apart from swallowing and speech problem has Thick Mucus problem for which he takes cough syrup...(Expectorant) to make mucus thin so it can be easily spit out. Is...
  6. L

    Help please on sourcing Nuedexta in Canada

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. My dad has just been diagnosed with ALS, and likely a few years into this devastating disease. Can anyone point me in the direction of how I can obtain the medication Nuedexta? We live in Toronto Canada. He has bulbar onset and saliva and speech is a big...
  7. A

    made hospice decision

    my earlier thread on this has closed since it's taken me so long to decide. Maybe a mod can link to it. yesterday I decided it was best for my family to start hospice. My husband is realy struggling with this end stage, and I am hoping hospice support can help him get through this. I get to...
  8. I

    Nuedexta through a PEG?

    For the second time, I have received a drug sent in a capsule when I can only take drugs through the PEG. This one is for Neudexta. My husband called the mail order pharmacy and after 30 minutes on the phone he was told that Neudexta only comes in a capsule and that I should contact my doctor...
  9. A

    Nuedexta denial from Medicare

    I have been taking nuedexta for the last month (samples from my doctor) while we tried to get the prescription filled. Medicare has denied and says we can appeal. Walgreens says our cost would be $1200 a month ! I think it has really helped with swallowing since I’ve gone from 3 nighttime...
  10. J

    What Antidepressants are you taking?

    Hello Gang, I have really been struggling more than usual. I am weepy all of the time. I am taking Nuedexta. Those around me suggest I take an antidepressant. I am looking for recommendations on what is working for my other PALS. Prescription or otherwise... Thanks, Jocalyn