1. R

    NP001 Neuraltus LOS ANGELES–An experimental drug that regulates inflammation and showed a strong signal in a pilot study in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) failed to...
  2. D

    NP001 updates?

    Just wondering how others are doing in the study. Hubby just had his 3rd infusion. His energy spiked afterward and lasts most of the month but it hasn't stopped his progression at all. I actually feel like it's sped up a bit since he started the trial.
  3. NothingButLove

    My wife starts NP001 on Monday, 5/1/17

    The clinical research coordinator at UCI MDA-ALS & Neuromuscular Center emailed my wife and said: "I wanted to let you know that all the results are in and you qualify for the NP001 ALS trial! We are very excited to have you participate and sincerely appreciate your effort!! As I mentioned...
  4. Lkaibel


    Hi- My husband has been asked to come in and be tested to see if he has elevated C Protein levels (which indicate inflammation). If he does, they want him to be part of a study of NP001 (which may be more effective on people who have elevated levels). It is your typical 1/2 of people get a...
  5. P

    They're back, ... NP001

    September 22, 2016 ? Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. This stuff helped some heroic pals, a few years ago. Then the company confusingly and mysteriously stopped progressing the trial This may be one of the most promising treatments around, but can this outfit be relied on? May work best...
  6. N

    Need Advice on Clinical Trials

    Hi, my husband has been diagnosed with ALS. He is 36 years old. Dr. Bedlack said that he is about 1 year into progression. His breathing is at 101%, which is good according to them. He has 60% strength in his right hand and 36% strength in his left hand. He has left arm/hand weakness and...
  7. Buckhorn


    These are the most recent articles I could find about the status of this drug trial: Randomized phase 2 trial of NP001?a novel immune regulator: Safety and early efficacy in ALS Published Phase 2 Results Demonstrate Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals? NP001 Potential Efficacy and April 4, 2016 ...
  8. N

    ARrgggg, what to do? (Tirasemtiv or NP001)

    OK, I go on Tuesday 12/1 for my initial screening for the Tirasemtiv Phase III trial but I check my email today and received this for the NP001 Phase II at Cutter. <snip> Dear Brad, Thanks for your interest in the NP001 study and your patience as we get the study organized. I am very...
  9. N

    General trial timelines

    Anyone know if there's a fairly standard timeline for trials as in "once funded, X months to recruit then X months to start, etc..." I'm eligible for 2 trials once which starts very soon (Tirasemtiv) and one which is waiting on funding (NP001). If they were to overlap and I could only choose...
  10. R

    NP001 again

    Clinigen partners with US firm to provide access to new ALS drug in Europe - Proactiveinvestors (UK) Clinigen Group’s (LON:CLIN) Idis business has teamed up with Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals to provide access in Europe to a drug the latter is developing for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Also...