normal emg

  1. M

    Young male bulbar symptoms

    I posted two years ago but was unable to post on that thread but it had been closed. During the time between then and now for the most part I was able to move on from my fears of ALS. However that has changed recently as I have developed a mild slur, not noticed by normal folks but was...
  2. E

    What a journey - worried about ALS - former Cancer Survivor

    Hello everyone - Let me start by saying you all have been excellent in guiding the users here. You approach each person with respect and understanding and bring great expertise from your own experiences. I have read the sticky notes and many other posts. My story - I am 47 years old male...
  3. C

    Swallowing issues and muscle tiredness

    Hi! I am a 31 year old woman who has been experiencing twitching and muscle tiredness for a while now. It started with some strange symptoms after the birth of my youngest son 4,5 years ago (vertigo, paresthesia, raynauds muscle tiredness and swallowing issues). They found a positive ANA and...
  4. J

    Update on condition

    Hi everyone. I wanted to provide an update on my symptoms, and my apologies for starting a new thread, as my prior thread has been closed. It’s now almost been a year since my symptoms started with the following issues: 1. Upper lip twitching 2. Pain down my entire left leg, calf and foot 3...
  5. J

    Pretty scared. Another EMG upcoming

    Hello, My story begins in January or February of this year. My left foot would fall asleep very quickly and that leg was numb. I'd had a previous dvt and high d-dimer, but no clot was found in that leg on Feb 1. I began to have long periods where my heart would race and pound hard for no...
  6. C

    Normal EMG - Am I Officially Cleared of ALS/MND?

    I’m currently a 29 year old male and back in December 2017, I started experiencing some constant twitching. It mostly occurs in my lower extremities, but it occurred in my toes, feet, calves, thighs, arms, hands, etc. It really didn’t concern me, but it was pretty sudden and after a month I...
  7. KarenNWendyn

    A new take on an old favorite

    What we say to patients worried about ALS: “ALS is unlikely given your exam and normal EMG. You don’t have ALS.” What patients worried about ALS hear: “ALS blah, blah, ALS, blah, blah, ALS...”
  8. W

    me again, with a question

    Hi All, I will not post all my symptoms again as my previous thread, I was just wondering about cramps. They have gotten quite a bit worse in the past 2 weeks or so. Mainly in my left leg. Twitching for 6 months now. Anyone have some insight on cramps? I know I had a normal EMG done on my...
  9. C

    Symptoms persisting. Respiratory Onset?

    Hello all, some of you may remember I made a post about a month ago concerning my symptoms. That thread is now closed but I will summarize everything here. My concern is that I have been having very concerning symptoms the past 2 months and I am worried about my health. I will break down...
  10. L

    Diagnosis changed and now uncertain again

    Dear PALS, I've been reading so many threads and posts since June 2017 and today I decided to post for the first time. First of all, thank you for all those informative posts and everyone that takes there time to answer. I will try to keep the post short, but it it's very complicated so please...