1. J

    Ratio THC:CBD

    i guess you know what i'm writting about. thc, big as one rice grain, makes me sleepy for 2 days and one night. when i fall in sleep, i feel like timber. hence, many pals said that thc is not for als. but, there is a ratio. i heard of 1thc:20cbd. did anybody experienced same problem trying to...
  2. D

    Twitching, throat issues and uncooperative hands

    Hi everyone, thanks for letting me join the forums. :smile: 31 year old male here. My story begins in the end of february, before this my only health issues were constantly feeling a bit tired and some back pains I've been having for some while. After february my body has been acting up in...
  3. N

    Hello from Greece.

    I really dont know how to begin what to write. My mum was diagnosed wiith ALS in April 2018 after 4 months of tests and visits to every doctor there is. Finally she was diagnosed in a University hospital. We are a veru close family. 5 kids 9 grandkids. We are in a state of shock. Mum was an...
  4. P

    Is this the beginning of ALS?

    This week is a particularly troubling week for me, with many distressing symptoms. First there was difficulty breathing. Monday night, after having eaten more than I needed, I started having apnea when lying down. The thing is I waited a few hours before going to bed to minimize discomfort from...
  5. R

    Think I have ALS and have some questions

    So first off, I’m a male of 21yo. I’ve been healthy my whole life up until 2017, I was trying to lose weight from 190 and went down to 115 as of now, I was trying to lose weight but now I can’t seem to keep weight on. So about a month ago I started to develop bad back pain in my lower back, at...
  6. M

    Scared with family history

    After my fourth sleepless night I’ve decided to finally reach out. I am a 32 year old, seemingly healthy, mother to a two year old. At present I am VERY stressed. I will make no secret about that. Probably more stressed than I have ever been in my life. I work per diem, am a full time nursing...
  7. M

    New to BIpap Question

    My PALS received his Bipap machine yesterday. It is a Philips "Dream Station" Bipap S/T. It is from the VA, so we have added layers of admin when dealing with info etc. so I thought I'd ask here first. The respiratory tech who brought it said my PALS is to wear it at night only right now...
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