newly diagnosed

  1. C

    Newly diagnosed

    After posting back in november about being concerned for my father having als. Today it has been confirmed. Everyone is in total shock. I just feel helpless. His mucus is terrible, hes got a patch to help him, im trying to make a joke and stay positive but i know this is gonna be difficult. Is...
  2. N

    Question for Cals.

    First of all i want to apologise to Nikki i think my questions kinda angered her? At the newly diagnosed thread. I have searched so many sitrs but every site is so general apart from here. I want to ask the caregivers here were you afraid you are going to be sick too? Or you got sick? I have...
  3. D

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi. My name is Dave H from nebr. Was diagnosed in Feb 18 and then Mayo clinic Mar 2018. 61 year old with the emotions of a 5 year old these days. Hard to understand and accept when I've been healthy My whole life. Not exactly a group I thot about joining but I know there are incredible people...
  4. J

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi All, My husband recently got diagnosed with: BRACHIAL AMYOTROPHIC DIPLEGIA. Is there anyone else on this support group who has this?? All functions work, except both his arms/hands. Also called Man in a Barrel.
  5. KimT

    Advice for newly diagnosed PALS

    If you have other health issues, do your best to treat them and keep them under control. Also, keep your routine maintenance such as teeth cleaning and eye exams as long as it's possible without any undue stress to your body or mind. I knew I needed two crowns replaced. I knew it two years...
  6. M

    Newly diagnosed, need advice

    My husband was diagnosed with ALS Jan 2018, onset symptoms started Feb 2017. He first had cramping in right calf muscle then foot drop. His right leg started wasting away shortly after and he lost 40-50lbs within months. He began to have trouble breathing in Aug 2017 just 7 months after onset...
  7. M

    Golf/tennis enthusiast needs grip help!

    Hi all! I am new to this forum and trying to assist my favorite uncle (newly diagnosed with ALS) with making the most of his progressive grip weakness. He is a lifelong golf and tennis player and coach and still coaches currently. While he is still in the early stages, he is becoming frustrated...
  8. KimT

    Dental care for newly diagnosed

    I went to the dentist for a cleaning and complete set of Xrays a couple of weeks ago. I have two crowns that need replacing. At first I thought about it but then decided I needed to get them done while I can still tolerate someone fiddling in my mouth for an hour or so. One is a molar that...
  9. M

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi my name is missy, I was diagnosed on Friday December 29 2017, after my 2nd emg and around thanksgiving my speaking and swallowing has been greatly affected I have lost 35lbs, I'm going to the clinic on the 18th of Jan, but part of me feels like I won't make it that long, breathing is terrible...
  10. R

    Newly Diagnosed at Mayo Thanksgiving 2017

    I was diagnosed Wed before Thanksgiving 2017! I went to Mayo believing I had NPH (normal Pressure Hydrocepheous) I had been to 4 local Neurologist and all felt it was NPH, but because Spinal Tap and draining 40 CC of spinal fluid didn't help, we ere playing "stump the doctor" EMGs on Legs were...