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    User NewDay was my Mother 20 Year Veteran of ALS

    NewDay made a few posts on the site. Just thought i would let all know she passed away Sept 2011 from ALS, After a 20 year battle. The book she wrote is still on the Dynavox device, Having some difficulties retrieving it. Anyone here good with these devices? It is a 3100. Here are a few...
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    User NewDay, My Mother Passed a year ago.. to ALS

    Hello all. My mother user NewDay, Who posted a few posts on this website. She passed away Sept of 2011. We all miss her. Just figured i would write. She was a fighter, Lasted almost 20 years with no Vent or feeding tube. She wanted to see her children grow up & believe me she did. I...
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    My Letter to ALS

    Hello All. I have been dealing with the devastating effects of ALS for 19 years now. I would like to share this letter that I recently wrote to ALS itself. Dear ALS, I just wanted to drop you a few lines to tell you how I honestly feel about you. I despise you because you almost destroyed my...
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    Hi All - I have had ALS 18 Years

    Hi All. This is my first entry in this forum. I have been living with ALS for the past 18 years now. I am a quadraplegic and the only thing that I can move is my head, just to the right side. I have been confined to a bed in a nursing home for the past 15 years. I consider it a miracle...