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    A plea for help, info, anything really.

    My mom is going to turn 50 in a few weeks. In 2003 she began having "spells" where she would pass out. This was followed by weakness on her right side... Which caused her to start scouring the markets for fatter pens, cause she just couldnt grasp the regular ones. She began going to her regular...
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    New Diagnosis

    My name is Fortune. I was recently diagnosed with Bulbar ALS after more than a year of changes in my speech and swallowing. I feel unhappy about the difficulty I experience communicating with people particularly on the phone. I hear, "Youv'e got the wrong number."; "Are you drunk?"; "I didn't...
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    New Diagnosis

    I was recently diagnosed a few days ago. I have suspected a ALS diagnosis for two months. It is a very helpless feeling as you all know. In your experiences do you know of any medicine or vitamin supplements to slow down the disease process. Any information that you have would be helpful.
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    Questions Upon New Diagnosis

    Hi this is my first post. My dad was just diagnosed last Tuesday. He hasn't had his follow up visit yet with his neurologist. I am just wondering if anyone could give us advice on what questions we should prepare ahead of time to ask his neurologist? Any help anyone could offer would be...