neuromuscular disorder

  1. Craig Mattice

    Diagnosis Netherworld Again!

    Just received and read my neuro's notes from my evaluation visit. Now HSP is "suspect" and we may have in the "differential," meaning mix of conditions to consider, spinocerebellar atrophy. As posted in another thread, I'm not willing nor in a position to fork out $1,000 for a $7,000 genetic...
  2. N

    Hyperactive vs. normal reflexes

    With ALS, MND or any neuromuscular disorder, can neuro office exam findings fluctuate from hyperactive to normal or vise-versa in early onset? When my wife visited the neurologist for a December appointment with previous mentioned symptoms in another thread, he said that she was displaying...
  3. M

    ALS, weak voice, staring, difficulty walking

    I am at a loss and am trying to figure out where to go from here. About 4 years ago I noticed that I have generalized weakness, mostly in the arms and legs. My voice has gone from being very strong to bearly ledgible. The longer I speak, the less able I am to keep sound from coming out. I almost...
  4. DgtofTNfan

    Hi - new member with questions.

    My dad is 69yo and has had progressive coughing and swallowing problems for over a year. He has lost a great deal of weight - 20+ pounds. His symptoms have progressed to include slurred speech and poor breath support. His PCP kept treating him for a cold and thought that his history of severe...
  5. S

    Pain - PLS supposedly painless

    I'm so tired of researching pain for my mom's PLS condition and getting the type of definitions as below "Primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) is a rare, neuromuscular disorder that affects the central motor neurons and is characterized by painless but progressive weakness and stiffness of the...
  6. K

    Burning muscle ache-please advise

    I am a 43 year old female. Two weeks ago, went to neurologist for twitches, found out I had some weakness and hyper reflexes. Dr. ordered MRI, which I have done, but have yet to get results. He suspected MS or a neuromuscular disorder. This past Sunday I woke up with pain in my right arm...
  7. Sammantha

    Is Gerd/esophagitis related to ALS?

    Hi, i have been in and out of this forum for awhile. I have been diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder. My GP basically said that i definetly have something wrong with my motor neurons but she and my neurologist feel that because of my age and my ability to still use my affected muscles...