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    Very worried

    Hello. I want to start off by saying it's wonderful what you guys do here, and my heart goes out to every one of you. I've read through the stickies and a number of threads. I'm an 18 year old Caucasian male. I realize my age makes having ALS incredibly unlikely, and that's a fact I remind...
  2. D

    Sensorimotor polyneuropathy and ALS

    In addition to ALS I was told that I also have Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy, but that I need no treatment for it. Anyone have information on this combo? Evidently the first neurologist I saw in Lafayette, IN, who did a less extensive EMG than the muscular neurologist at Rush in Chicago, added...
  3. L

    Didn't think I would be back

    My first neurologist diagnosed me with HIV Associated Vacuolar Myelopathy and didn't think I had ALS (less than a year ago). The second neurologist concurred and all the extensive testing was normal. My I.D. doctor thought I had ALS and just recently I went to a neurosurgeon to find out what...
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    Waiting diagnosis trying to help husband understand.

    Hello I am looking for some guidance and help for my husband right now. We are in the process of trying to get a diagnosis or at least pointed in the right direction. About 5 weeks ago he began to feel some pain in his shins on both legs, the right side felt a little more tender to touch mid...
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    Potential ALS Diagnosis

    Hello all! I'm posting about my Mother-in-law who has received a potential diagnosis of ALS, but is being sent to a specialist here in Atlanta to confirm. It started in June with back pain/trouble walking and a very slight slurred speech. I'm not sure everyone would have noticed her speech at...