1. N


    Does dextromothorphan, the active ingredient in Neudexta, help with swallowing and voice issues common with ALS?
  2. azwxman

    My Intro

    Hi all, Mark here. Diagnosed on June 2, and got a second opinion from a neuromuscular specialist at University Medical Center (U of A) on the 10th. I'm 58 today, retired Air Force after 20 years of service and lucky me, spent nearly a year in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War (and have...
  3. B

    Neudexta Side Effects

    I am really curious if any Neudexta users have had side effects, or difficulty adjusting to it. I started it two weeks ago and have been on two capsules a day for the last week. I have been having headaches, paranoia, and just can't seem motivated to get anything done. It kind of reminds me of...
  4. B

    If i was a horse they'd shoot me

    I had my second ALS Clinic today....and I am just exhausted. My results were as I thought; decline in speech, lower oxygen level, some atrophy in my hands and feet, and weakness in my hands and fingers. I had a different doctor, and liked her a lot better...she actually listened to my concerns...
  5. H

    Neudexta and alcohol

    Anyone here have any experience with drinking and neudexta?
  6. jellis86

    Neudexta versus dextromethorphan alone

    Hi all, I'm probably beating a subject that has been discussed several times....but has anyone had any luck with using dextromethorphan without quinidine? I was taking a teaspoon a day, which is close to 30mg, for a few weeks until my primary Neurologist told me to stop. He said...
  7. J


    I just wanted to let everyone know that Neudexta is worth a shot if you can get your doctor to prescribe it. I have a noticable improvement in speech, not perfect but much better. I might have started to have some swallowing issues before starting Neudexta(very minor), they are gone now. I had...
  8. M

    Neudexta Trial to help Bulbar onset pALS

    A Neudexta trial to start in Fall of 12 as it looks like the drug may help bulbar-onset patients with their speaking and swallowing. Nuedexta, getting more than emotional? | ALS Therapy Development Institute
  9. Magpuff


    Anyone out there taking this drug for inappropriate laughing or crying? I don't have those symptoms but my neuro said it would also help with other pre-bulbar issues such as swallowing and speech. Anyone taking it for that reason? The side effects sound scary and the cost is $245.00 per...
  10. Barbie

    What Are You Thankful For?

    Being a Caregiver is so hard...but with this week being Thanksgiving I thought we should all spend a little time to remember things we are still thankful for even with as rough as our lives are these days. So, I am hoping everyone will try to think of one thing they are thankful for this...