neck pain

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    Concerns about symptoms

    My issues started in 2014. I started having numbness and tingling on one side of my body and when I would move I would walk my right leg would have a slow response. I saw a neurologist and my clinical exam looked fine and he ordered no testing. These feelings seemed to come and go over the next...
  2. R

    Worried 21 years

    Hello. For two months I have been experiencing some worrisome symptoms. It all started with some contractions in my right arm and right leg and a feeling of weakness in these limbs. At the same time I also had a pain in my thoracic back area, especially after I stand or I do something phisicall...
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    Fasics, brisk reflexes, challenges with daily tasks

    Hi all, i am a 35 year old male. January- Saw primary for back of neck pain. Prescribed muscle relaxers and suggested massage. Pain persisted, was also getting headaches so ordered a brain MRI. February - Referred to neuro for non specific spots on brain MRI. Neuro was not too concerned...
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    Stubborn Dad

    Hi everyone, My 66 year old Dad was diagnosed in April but has been declining for some time. It started with him losing weight for no reason. Separately, as far as we've been told, he has back and neck pain and over the past few years his posture has decline to very hunched over. His voice is...
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    Fasiculations and confirmed clinical weakness. Terrified

    Hi there, I'm a 27 year old woman who is absolutely terrified I'm developing signs of ALS. I'm also a medical student, so I'm subjected to extreme stress and anxiety on a daily basis, and this health saga I've recently been dealing with is really wearing me down. It started 4 weeks ago when...
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    Hands and legs atrofy

    Hello, after two years I started feel hands and legs atrofy too neck pain. I have spinal scoliosis neck c4 vertebral I have als.
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    ALS vs. Lyme's

    New to this forum and not sure where to post. Diagnosed with ALS back in July 2016 at Hopkins through EMG testing. I am experiencing muscle wasting in my hands and fasciculations. I have many Lyme's symptoms as well such as ringing in the ear, dental issues, burning in hand and feet, night...
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    Unresolved, progressing symptoms

    I posted about a month ago describing some symptoms I had been experiencing. Those included right sided weakness in from my shoulder down to my ankle. I also noted some apparent tongue twitching isolated to the center of my tongue. Working alongside my GP, we tested for deficiencies, had mri's...
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    Questions about Bulbar ALS

    I'm sure you get this types of health anxious questions a million times a week, so I apologize in advance. However my symptoms are more concerning than basic muscle twitches. It started maybe 6 month ago with me clearing my throat, especially during eating. I also began to experience throat...
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    I've been reading a lot of post!

    I've been reading a lot of post, and I was wondering how does one know how long one has with ALS. The million dollar question, I'm sure! My Hubby was diagnosed last month, though they think he has had it for 2 years, already! He has severe breathing issues, he can't walk as far as 40 ft...