neck pain

  1. C

    I am 25 and terrified please help me

    OK I will do my best to tell my story. I am terrified of having ALS and it is ruining my life. I am a 25 year old male and the fear of this disease is destroying a healthy relationship between my fiance and I because she thinks I'm crazy and losing my mind. The symptoms began two weeks ago...
  2. R

    Neck Pain

    Can losing muscle in your neck cause neck pain? My neck has been hurting for 2 days. Have any suggestions for the pain? As always thanks for any help. Rhonda
  3. trying to stay positive

    Common for CALS to have depression?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if any/how many of you CALS have been diagnosed with depression. My DH was DX 8/07. I went through the usual state of shock and feeling overwhelmed, even denial to a degree. For the last few months or so I have been SO tired all the time. Not normal for me at...
  4. P

    Positive EMG

    Hello all and thanks for this forum - what a great place for people who are struggling with all the awful symptoms and the possibility of this scary disease. I seem to have a problem that's different than most. I actually had an EMG yesterday that was positive for denervation in 2 limbs but my...
  5. S

    In Limbo

    Greetings, I've been putting off posting on here, because it seems to make what may be going on with me more "real." But here it goes. Some of this information may be irrelevant, but I thought I would throw it in just in case someone out there is more clever than I am. Don't worry, I get to my...
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    Rae in N.J.

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this- but as my husband's sole caregiver, I have been reading your posts and have found valuable suggestions and help. My husband, Marv, was diagnosed in Sept. of 2005. He started with slurred speech, then difficulty in swallowing and eventually had to have a peg...
  7. K

    Concerned about ALS (long!)

    Hi: I am a 29 year old male, non-smoker, occasional drinker. Excellent health until my symptoms flared up. Last thanksgiving, I woke up with an intense neck pain, exacerbated by moving my head. Symptoms resolved within a week. Now fast forward to mid-May. I started experiencing tingling...
  8. T


    I need some further input on als symptoms. My situation started out with a rather quick onset of extreme fatigue that affected legs and arms. My legs felt like rubber a sensation that wax and waned but was not completely gone. I had a bad headache, problems focusing and did not have the energy...
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    Recently DX

    Hi to everyone. I am a newbie and am learning to navigate around this site. My father was recently DX in October 2006 after 10 months of endless doctor visits and traveling around the south from specialist to specialist. Like everyone here, we were shocked that simple neck pain turned out to be...