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  1. L

    How to be certain it is ALS

    My mother was diagnosed with ALS a few months ago and there are aspects of both the disease and the diagnosis that she is finding very challenging to accept. I am sure this is "normal" but seeing as I can't even begin to pretend like I know how she is feeling, I am hoping that maybe someone who...
  2. J

    Naturopathic doctors?help please

    My dad is 57 year old and has done serveral tests pertaining to ALS. He did the EMG and did the MRI. The doctors found nothing wrong with the MRI and their conclusions from the EMG was that he had ALS.He has twitching all over his body and only his left leg is week(dropfoot) and his left hand...
  3. Al

    Free Session on Naturopathic Medicine

    This was recieved by me from Helen Taylor and while ALS Ont. in no way is participating in this seminar they were kind enough to pass it on as they know some of us do have an interest in it. My thanks to Helen. There have been other threads on this subject that can be found in the search. AL>...
  4. rcharlton

    Naturupathic Doctor in Toronto?

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a naturopathic doctor practicing in Toronto with experience in treating ALS? I have been doing a lot of research and there seem to be two types of outfits out there. Spa type clinics for people with too much money who are afraid of aging and dodgy places trying to...