myasthenia gravis

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    Emg Question

    Hello everybody. I have done EMG for myasthenia gravis. If it should be motor neuron disease. Had the test spotted it? Thank you
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    Thank You

    First - I have read all of the important documents at the top of this forum. I am extremely appreciative to anyone who takes the time to read and respond and I wish everyone on here the very best. I am going to outline my symptoms, testing, and stats simply to make this quick and easy for...
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    New CAL

    Hi my name isKristen and my dad was diagnosed with bulbar ALS on September 7th of this year. It's a new diagnosis for our family as we had previously thought he had myasthenia gravis but his symptoms have been getting progressively worse. Both my sister and I are speech therapists and I...
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    Another scared person

    I have another 6 weeks before I get in to a neuromuscular specialist, so I'd love to have my mind eased (or prepared for the worst?). I am a 41 year old woman. I was diagnosed with SLE (Lupus) a few months ago. Over 4 months ago, I also started having symmetrical severe weakness and near...
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    "Upper Motor Neuron Lesion" as my DX - anyone with this?

    This is my first time posting here. I have lurked around and could not find any threads talking about this so I thought I will post. If it is clear that I am not in an ALS / PLS or related category, I will be on my way. Is anyone aware of a diagnosis that started out this way? Yours or that...
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    Emg question

    I am hoping some of you brilliant peeps can point me in the right direction. I have symptoms that are consistent with myasthenia gravis and PLS, weakness beginning in legs 7 years ago, now respiratory muscle weakness, swallowing/speaking issues, fasciculations (not tongue), only able to eat...
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    LRP4 antibodies

    Haven't been on here in a while since I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis a year ago. Oddly enough, I am seronegative to all of the MG antibodies, I have tested negative to ACH, receptor, binding, blocking, musk and Lamont eaton antibodies. Their is a new antibody on the block though, LRP4...
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    Father newly diagnosed.

    Good afternoon. Well, I guess my Dad is one of the unlucky ones.:cry: He was diagnosed on Monday with ALS at Johns Hopkins Hospital. They haven't said exactly, but I am pretty certain it is Bulbar onset. Now, I will try and give you some backstory to fill this story out. It's like a real-life...
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    Newly diagnosed and devasted

    Hi everyone, I am newly diagnosed (12-29-15) with ALS. Since my dx, I've been devastated. My mom passed away in August and I was in a pretty deep depression over that when I got my dx a couple month later. I feel like I was hit over the head with a sledgehammer, and that wasn't enough so I...
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    How did your symptoms first appear?

    I'm aware that in later stages of ALS symptoms present as True Weakness, but I was curious as to what many of you first experienced with ALS. I found an interesting website that describes three different types of weakness. Primary or true muscle weakness This shows itself as an inability to...