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muscle twitches

  1. D

    calf weakness, twitching and hand symptoms

    Hi everyone. I've been having a lot of muscle twitches mostly in my calf areas and thighs but all over as well. Also my left calf feels weaker than my right even though I can still walk around on my tip toes and heels on both feet. Another thing I noticed is that it is difficult to straighten...
  2. G

    Father had Als concerned I do too

    Hello everyone, just want to say I am a firm believer of Jesus. So my symptoms started as having a hard time taking a deep breath and gasping for air. I went to the ER they took a chest xray and said it was asthma, they prescribed me a 6 day supply of steroids and sent me on my way. I took the...
  3. S

    EMG results

    Hello guys...I am a 28 years old and I started having muscle twitches in December 2018. I had a EMG today and it showed fasciculations in every muscle, but also fibrillations and polyphasics in some muscles. My doctor was worried and would like to repeat the test in two months....I am scared...
  4. M

    Questions about symptoms

    Hi everyone. I am posting here for the second time, my first thread being that I was due for an EMG. The neurologist I went to here in South Africa deemed it unnecessary, although he did zero tests for any muscle weakness and is by no means an expert on ALS. He was extremely dismissive and did...
  5. M

    Is this Bulbar PLS/ALS?

    Hi so to start with I’m male age 26 So a few months ago I got rapid heartbeat tachycardia (I know not often a symptom of MND), They found no cardiac explanation, then started getting muscle twitches which I still get sometimes, again no obvious explanation. I noticed a panting in my throat...
  6. J

    spasms, weakness in bicep

    Hello ALS Community, Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am curious if this description resonates with any of you: I am in the process of being worked up for possible ALS (EMG study in a week). My neurologist is suspicious of ALS, but is also considering other possible causes of...
  7. A

    Worried about these symptoms

    Hi! Male 44 years old here. ’m sorry to be posting but I finally decided to seek your advice. My wife and I are nervous and some of your thoughts might really help us. I’m having some symptoms that are worrying me. Here they are in brief: Dec 22: Odd headache in left temple— three pulses, long...
  8. T

    24/7 twitching in both calves

    Hello, I am a 23 year old male and Ive been having 24/7 muscle twitches on both of my legs ( right leg a bit more than my left). I think it all started 3+ months ago, maybe even longer back but thats when I first noticed them. I feel like since I noticed them and constantly thinking about them...
  9. M

    Could you help me out with my symptoms?

    I’m so sorry to be posting here, I just feel so nervous and can’t get into the neuro for a few months. Thank you for taking time to read this. I have had muscle weak in my right arm since November to the point it’s hard to lift my arm to brush my hair. I now have it in my left arm as well, also...
  10. K

    Twitching characteristics

    Does Twitching in ALS stop on moving the muscle involved or it happens irrespective of the state muscle is in i.e in motion or in rest/relaxed position ? Also, do you retain the sensation when your muscle twitches during the course of the disease or your body loses the sensation to feel the...

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