muscle fatigue

  1. myooshka

    emg vs ncs

    Hi to all I am 16 months into my illness. I have been given mri,spinal tap,ncs all were normal. I have had the twitching since the beginning with extreme muscle fatigue but was never given an emg which I now see is odd as this seems to be the standard test for people with weakness and twitching...
  2. V

    more bad news

    First, let me thank those who have been kind enough to send me emails and the others who have responded to my queries. I don't feel alone. I tought I would update you on my situation and ask for suggestions as to who to talk to first. Besides the symptoms, which I have described before...
  3. F

    Many Thanks to All Here

    All, I posted a couple of months ago about concern about various physical symptoms (such as twitches and muscle fatigue) and some active and chronic denervation that showed up on the EMG. I went to the Univ of Penn and met with their EMG expert. I was very fortunate to find out that in his...
  4. J

    Questions, concerns etc about ALS

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum, I would just like to go through the myriad of symptoms I have experienced during the past six months, something everyday with ALS-ish ones more recently. Hope it is no too long winded. I would love some feedback: Back in May: persistant chest pains with...
  5. J

    West Nile Dx with Bulbar ALS Symptoms

    Hello, hoping someone can help me with Bulbar ALS symptoms. In spring I ran fever and thought I had a sinus infection,with eye strain and numb tingling under my right cheek. In August I developed a twitch under my right eye and muscle tics and spasms all over my body (mostly in my thighs and...