1. Colleen15

    Saliva, mucus

    PALS, how do you sleep at night with too much mucus, too much saliva, saliva too thick due to glycopyrrolate? Do you try and swallow it, clear it out? HELP!
  2. J

    Mucus Discharge /IBS?

    Wondering if anyone has suffered with this problem. For the last three years I have dealt with periodic discharge of mucus separate from toileting. My bowel program is such that I go every morning initiated with Enemeez. While I have dealt with occasional constipation, for the most part I have...
  3. C

    Mucus and breathing issues

    We’re entering a very scary and sad stage of my Dad’s ALS journey. Since October 2022 he’s been having coughing episodes. Several a day, lasting an hour or two at a time. At night is the worst. He’ll wake up gasping for air, choking on mucus. My Mom has to take his BiPap off, sit him up...
  4. ReginaS

    aspirate -

    PALS cannot drink liquids that are too thin and ensure (plus) is somehow too thick and bothers him. He drinks mostly liquids (and occasionally eats some cheese) but yesterday he wanted to try sole (fish). First bite was ok - 2nd bite was very difficult. He coughed and tried to get it out...
  5. J


    Hello everyone, I was wondering if neudexta is safe to take for an als patient that doesnt have pba. Ive managed to get the medication from someone in the states. My pals is taking amitriptyline pills and cbd oil both for sleep and to help with mucus problems. she is having difficulty talking...
  6. chally

    Dry eye

    Does anyone have this issue? The perfect storm of atropine (mucus) Benadryl (sleep) our heating system, learning how to stay hydrated with feeding tube plus slight air leak of my trilogy mask going right to my eyes. Another sh*t storm side adventure to the nightmare. I use lots of eye drops...
  7. A

    I have to rule out ALS

    My story starts in Feb 2018. During an xray for shoulder pain they discovered my left diaphragm was elevated, but they didn't bother to tell me. They gave me painkillers for shoulder bursitis. I complained to my PCP in Sep 20108 of constipation. She ordered an abdominal CT scan that showed...
  8. P

    Mucus Help- Bulbar ALS

    Dear all, My mom has been having a very difficult time with mucus accumulating at the back of her throat and not being able to swallow or get it out. She uses a cough assist once a day which she hates. A suction machine helps a little but not as much as we hoped to. For medication, she takes...
  9. R

    Spoke with a doctor

    I spoke on the phone with a familiar doctor, who didn't seem very concerned after I explained her everything. She didn't even really comment on it other than that she thinks that it's probably nothing and not a condition of any kind. However I've still been feeling super anxious. I read a few...
  10. N

    Mucus help

    I was searching for something to help with mucus and secretions and ran across this. I wanted to try it before I posted anything. It works great for me. I used to have three or four seasons every morning to remove mucus within a couple of hours of waking. It would be this horrible wet rattling...