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    Foot Drop

    I am sorry to start another new thread- I Just have a few questions that I am hoping some of you can answer. What is the difference in how ALS and MS present themselves? What exactly is foot drop? I have dents in my ankles that were not there before and I feel like my ankles turn more inward...
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    I am new to the group and have some questions. I am a Caregiver to my Aunt who has been diagnosed with MS however after reading the symptoms of ALS I wonder if she was misdiagnosed? She is in a wheelchair, has breathing problems at night while sleeping, muscle weakness, attophy in her legs real...
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    Als? MS?

    Hi, My name is Lisa Im 36 yrs old. Symptoms started about 18 months ago. First Spell ( i call them) happened with left side weakness. Went to ER and blood test and caat scan were ran and results were normal. I thought nothing more about it until 4 months later experienced left side weakness...