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    MRI question

    I just had an MRI to see if my pituitary tumor has shrunk. Very uncomfortable on back with the build-up of saliva and trying to swallow. Does anyone know if they can do an MRI on your laying on your side or stomach?
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    Muscle weakness, atrophy

    Hello all, First I would like to say my heart goes out to those struggling with this horrible disease. I’m writing today to ask opinions about my Dad’s situation. I will try to be brief, but thorough. Nov. 2017 - Dad swears he remembers falling while outside, and then getting up and moving...
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    For some 10 years now I have had problems almost permanently, although good periods and not so good periods with my mouth. Difficulties with lips feeling fatigued after talking at length. Difficulties with my tongue in the same regard. Sometimes dry mouth, sometimes an apparent excess of saliva...
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    Bulbar onset?

    Dear, currently I am quite a bit worried. About one year ago I had a brain zap in my head and afterwards I had fascisculations everywhere in body which steadily became more intense. My thumb was acting very weird, when I was using it or using with a slight force it was 'bouncing' back or...