mounting stand

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    mounting stand for dynavox REDUCED $400

    I have a mounting stand for a dynavox that has never been used..i'm asking $400 plus shipping. you can write me on here
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    dynavox eyemax vmax mounting stand $800 plus shipping

    I have a mounting stand for the dynavox eyemax/vmax that has never been used. i'm asking $800 plus shipping. I am located in Charleston south Carolina. if you are interested send me an email at [email protected] or you can post on here but I would prefer you contact me through my email...
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    For Sale - Dynavox Vmax Device with InterAACT Technology

    I am selling a Dynavox Vmax Device that was only used a few months before our patient succumbed to pneumonia. Everything is in full working order. We want to sell the whole bundle listed below for only $2,500 to offset our expenses. The bundle includes: • Dynavox Vmax with 256 MB Ram, 60...
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