1. Junyeong

    Renaissance Man Dealing With ALS

    Since registering here in 2012 I haven't posted anything. My Grandfather was a Renaissance Man and an organized collector. I got the extreme end of both. Some would call it hoarding, but I prefer to think of myself as a professional repurposer. :) My dad was never a very emotional person, so...
  2. affected

    off to play with the crocs

    Did you all think you would get rid of me that easily? HA I'll still be checking in on ya'll (is that it Dalvin?) during my time away, but it's true I'll not be so chatty as usual, but I won't be gone altogether either. I'll think of ya'll and try to get some good snaps to give a laugh ...
  3. D

    New To This Forum

    Hello, I'm new here although I've been reading posts for several months. My husband was finally given the diagnosis of ALS with Progressive Bulbar Palsy. Right now we are taking it a day at a time. He is still able to eat most foods though he does choke often. He undergoes E-stem therapy...
  4. J


    :Hi All..I'm new to this..but here goes..My husband Gary has ALS, was diagnosed Jan of 06..We both retired about 6 years ago and we moved out of our townhouse into a motorhome and traveled full time all over the US and little in Canada. Last Feb we had to move out of the motorhome and into a...