1. K


    I have been going to a workout place, three times a week now. I started 4 weeks ago. It is 100 degrees in the room, it with a lot of elite athletes. It's hard to describe, but I would say it's mostly calisthenics, and stretching. It's about an hour or so, he starts with a motivational "lecture"...
  2. Craig Mattice

    Diagnosed HSP, Sister to PLS Disease

    Well, my situation is a tad different than some people in this forum. I am home bound due to total disability from Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia or HSP. It is a serious deteriorating motor neuron disease that has no treatment or cure and only continues to get worse in degeneration of the...
  3. Citlalli

    Share the wisdom

    Hi, Andres had an idea, he wants to know if people can share what books and authors (spiritual, motivational or otherwise) have helped you during your process with ALS so we can share the wisdom we each find... The single book that has helped us the most is The Power of Now, by Eckhart...
  4. duplinwino

    Need assistance with fundraising letter

    I have signed up (along with three other family members/friends at this point) for the Walk to D'Feet ALS in September (Kathy/ThomKat, if you see this, it's in Emerald Isle, not too far from you). I would like to start making contact with people ASAP to raise as much as we can. My husband has...