1. L do I do this?

    Hello I am new here so Im grateful to anyone who takes the time to respond. I am not yet a caregiver but will be here soon. My mom has ALS or PLS the doctors cant seem to decide. It is progressing wildly. She is in a wheelchair, has lost fine motor control in her hands and is having trouble...
  2. J

    Software companies, do they donate?

    we saw bill gates in ice bucket challange, nominated by zuckenberg. with just 10% of money they have, they can find a cure. have no info - did they donated? nothing is a such a problem but money...
  3. A

    Wish I never watched ALS videos but....

    Hello - I am a 38 year old male 6'0 173 lbs Medication: Adderall, Zoloft, Kratom I been noticing lately that I get very tired when walking up hills or stairs. After the second flight my thighs really start to burn. I am not out of shape but I also don't work out regularly. I have about 2...
  4. D

    Recommendation for best neuromuscular/ALS neurologist in Europe

    Dear all, this year I decided that I will get a diagnosis of something no matter what. I have collected money and need recomendations. Please give me names of best neurologists in Europe. Thank you, kind regards!
  5. T

    Question about life if a cure is ever found.

    It's been a while since I have checked in. Life for my son and myself, as caregivers, is almost unbearable. My PALS is totally paralyzed from neck down. He has a feeding tube and is on a ventilator. He seems a little more depressed lately. Still doesn't sleep well at night so my son and I...
  6. L

    Update to previous thread

    Hello again, my previous thread is now closed but i wanted to make an update as to my current situation. Since my last post I have had an ultra sound of my shoulder which showed inflammation and fluid and was diagnosed with tendinitis and bursitis; I am currently awaiting physiotherapy. My...
  7. M


    I don't know if I'm in the minority on this. But lately, tipping has begun to really irritate me. It started about 10 years ago when I walked into a restaurant to pickup my phone order. I went to the register, gave my card, and was given the receipt to sign. It had a tip line on it. I...
  8. P

    Advice very much appreciated

    My name is Patrick and I'm a 25 year old male in the UK. I feel quite certain that I have ALS and I was wondering if anyone had any kind advice to offer. Apologies for the long post but I feel like the onset of symptoms has been quite odd and perhaps worth sharing. The story starts six weeks...
  9. N

    The only clean jokes I know - joke 2

    A guy goes to play golf and he asks the person in the pro-shop if he can get on the course and the pro says as a matter of fact there is a three some about to go off I can put you with them. The guy hustles to the first tee. When he gets there the other guys recognize him and ask " hey don't...
  10. Scotiaspirit

    Partnership Treatments

    I was reading about an organization called ALSWORLDWIDE dot org who purports to work with ALS Patients, their families and healthcare providers. One of my local PALS friends has parted with a considerable sum of money, for some of their supplements and treatments. I have read somewhere where...
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