1. N

    Van Shopping Questions

    So I have been looking up and down the internet for Full Size Mobility Vans and while there are some available not many here in Calif. It seems that the mobility van market is largely made up on converted mini vans and that has been my dilemma in my search. After chasing down the Mercedes...
  2. L

    3 months later

    First, when Eileen was on hospice, I couldn't share all the details of her passing, even now some of it is more than I can talk about on the forum. When the time came, with two pastors, family and friends in the room, I couldn't let a stranger make the final step. So, I turned off the Trilogy...
  3. Chincoteaguer

    PWC advice needed

    Will be selecting a PWC within the next few weeks. We are remodeling bathroom for roll-in shower and are re-arranging furniture. Also having handicap ramp installed. Anticipating modifications or attachments to the PWC seems an important part of the initial selection. Any help or advice from...
  4. gooseberry

    2010 Chrysler, 31916 miles

    This item is for sale in Wesley Chapel, FL. Here is the info: 2010 Chrysler Town and Country Limited Fleet $25,999 For Sale By Owner Vehicle Location Wesley Chapel, FL About 10 miles from you Contact Seller By Phone (954) 258-8532 14 Pictures Available Email Seller...
  5. L

    Traveling with ALS

    My wife was recently diagnosed with ALS and we still want to travel while we can. For many years we have done volunteer work with several groups that live in our RVs wherever the job is. We have done probably 80 jobs and we would still like to be with those friends. Our current trailer is...
  6. B

    Deduction for handicap modifications

    We spent about $28,000 remodeling our two bathrooms to access my power chair. Do I need to get SN appraisal of the two baths, compare to the original cost and deduct the difference? Vince
  7. DaChief

    House Hunting Tips

    We will be shopping for a house in the next couple of months. Is there a guide anywhere that spells out things to be aware of to make accessibility modifications easier or red flags to be aware of? I have learned a lot reading already but I am sure I am missing some things. Regards, Bruce
  8. Jhettinger

    VA Home Modifications - Garage as 2nd egress?

    has anyone used the garage as a second exit for egress? The VA pamphlets say not possible
  9. KimT

    Need Advice

    I'm in a lot of pain and some of it is from packing and bending with weak muscles. Much of it is from the sprained ankle that didn't heal. The rest is just this beast. I went from walking fast to a wheelchair. I have a transport chair and one I can roll myself. I'm ordering a light power...
  10. C

    Two story home

    Has anyone made a two-story home work or is it necessary to have bedroom, shower, living space all on one level? Our bedroom and bathroom (with space for shower modifications) in on the second level. Modifying our lower level powder room into a bathroom with roll-in shower, etc. would be...