1. M

    Provigil / modafinil

    Just wondering if anyone is taking provigil (aka modafinil) and how it's working for you. I believe it's available in Canada and Europe but not the states. Don't know much about it but have just heard 'whispers' that folks in the States might want to get it and I'm not sure if it's helpful for...
  2. John1

    Treatment for fatigue

    I was encouraged by a report on ABC news the other night on the use of Provigil (modiodal), a drug normally prescribed to treat narcolepsy, being used off-label to treat fatigue among other things. The drug seems to have few serious side effects. I did a bit of surfing and found that Patients...
  3. P

    Have you taken modafinil (Provigil)?

    I have narcolepsy and believe it or not, Provigil did not do much for me. But "normal" people claim that it helps them perform better, and I wonder if it wouldn't actually be quite helpful in ALS fatigue. Columbia is studying it for this purpose, but I'm interested to find out anecdotally if...
  4. L

    Provigil, etc.

    I read about a trial for Provigil to counter the effects of fatigue. Provigil, or modafinil, is indicated for narcolepsy. Has anyone used it? I also found several people using marijuana. A 2004 study out of San Francisco found it dramatically increased survival time in ALS lab animals. I...