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  1. E

    Strange symptoms

    I want to preface my first post here to say that my concern has led me to investigate about ALS in a way that makes me feel a deep sympathy for everyone affected by ALS (whether in his/her own flesh, or through a family member.) I also want to help those who make this forum possible. I will...
  2. swalker

    Lithium Battery for Magic Mobility X4

    I am not sure where to put this, so will put it here. Mods, please feel free to move this to a more appropriate forum. As some of you probably read in the PALS checkin post, last Sunday we installed a home-built lithium battery pack in my Magic Mobility X4. I will provide some details in this...
  3. N

    Van Shopping Questions

    So I have been looking up and down the internet for Full Size Mobility Vans and while there are some available not many here in Calif. It seems that the mobility van market is largely made up on converted mini vans and that has been my dilemma in my search. After chasing down the Mercedes...
  4. S

    An intoduction myself

    Hi Everyone, my name is Juri. I have been living with ALS for 12 years now, and I had been gone from this site for about ten years, and during that period of time my FRS dropped from 23 to 1. I am on vent 24/7 (with the use of tracheotomy), I use an eye gaze computer for communication, and I...
  5. K

    Optimal living situation- financially, emotionally, spiritually etc

    My pALS is my mom. She is newly diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS. As of now her mobility is not impacted too much, just her speech, swallowing and breathing. We have been discussing living arrangements as her mobility and breathing decline. Other pALS out there, what did you decide? Did you...
  6. L


    This will probably be my last post on the forum. At the time of Eileen's funeral I weighed 122 lbs, I am now at 134 lbs. I'm not sure if it is just my nature or my strong belief in God, but even before the funeral, I felt that God did not want me to waste the rest of my life in grief. I made...
  7. T

    Nuedexta as needed?

    Does anyone take this drug as needed, for example when planning to be around people, etc. or take it on a different schedule than manufacturer recommendations? I did a search but couldn’t find any information. I started a half dose (one pill) last week and within 24 hours noticed a definite...
  8. T

    Diagnosis At Last

    Hello everyone. My husband of 30 years was diagnosed 3rd October 2018 of Bulbar Onset/ALS. It was a relief for us all to have a diagnosis as we was wondering all sorts what was wrong with him. He started to talk slowler than usual in January this year, and gradually got worse over the months...
  9. B

    82 year old grandmother diagnosed unexpectedly after Fall

    My 82 year old grandmother was diagnosed August 1st after falling July 19th. When we took her to the hospital to make sure she hadn’t broken anything (which she didn’t). I never imagined this diagnosis. In the ER, she couldn’t hold or lift her right arm at all and she was in able to lift her...
  10. M

    ALS diagnosis..or not

    Hello all.thanx for accepting me. This is a long sorted story. My husband was diagnosed over 7 years ago,in the meantime he was diagnosed with hashimotos disease as well,although it was neglected for over 20 years. He started out with a sore shoulder on his right,then in mobility. Went to a...

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