1. J


    Jim has been having hallucinations for past few weeks now. Is that part of MND/ALS?
  2. jethro

    LMND - what is the difference with ALS/MND?

    low motor neuron disease - what is it? is it actually ALS, version of als, starting of als... often is MND/ALS, but low (no upper!) mnd put in google brings only als.
  3. L

    Update to previous thread

    Hello again, my previous thread is now closed but i wanted to make an update as to my current situation. Since my last post I have had an ultra sound of my shoulder which showed inflammation and fluid and was diagnosed with tendinitis and bursitis; I am currently awaiting physiotherapy. My...
  4. N

    The Only working hand getting very stiff

    Hi first time on a forem my sister has MND/ALS. Was 3 years diagnosed last October. Her only remaiing limb that works is her right hand, she has no arm movement just her hand, her fingers are so stiff, she can hardly move them . her breathing is very shallow, we use cough assist machine every...
  5. S

    Update of double edged sword.

    A very early good morning to you all. If I may reach out to Nikki J, Nikki as promised a further update to our now closed thread of September 2017. Further to your appreciated education, direction and further extensive MND/ALS testing by the neuromuscular specialist at the Walton Centre...
  6. J

    Dad suffering from MND/ALS. Recently got bacterial pneumonia

    Hello, I have came with a lot of hope please give me the exact guide to help my father. My Dad's been suffering from this disease from 06/2016 . From day before two days he is being admitted in ICU as he was having trouble in breathing and also was having problem in swallowing food. He had lost...
  7. M

    Back again-still concerned

    Hi -Sorry to post yet again but I am still very concerned, my symptoms have persisted and I also have some new ones and looking for advice. I was not impressed with the first Neurologist I saw and she discharged me even though I had very real and visible symptoms, Stomach twitching (constantly)...
  8. D

    EMG on Wednesday - What Should I Expect?

    Hello All, I apologize up front for having to start a new thread as my previous one got locked due to inactivity. For those who followed my initial thread, I've been dealing with a variety of symptoms since at least late March 2017. I am a 41 year old male. As a patient who uses the VA...
  9. R

    Is it Madras form of MND

    Well, it started 6 years back with hand tremor and I am pretty sure for a month or so , the pinky and the ring finger were numb (tingling feeling) most of the time prior to tremors . I have always have had anxiety issues . I was then diagnosed by the doctor as having "essential tremior".But ...
  10. L

    Update on symptoms

    Hi again everyone, I posted on here a couple of months ago regarding concerning symptoms but the thread is now closed; I feel my symptoms are progressing so am posting an update in the hope that someone can give me their insight as I remain very concerned. On my last neurologist appointment 3...