1. J

    EMG Today

    Hello all, I have read the stickies and appreciate all of the knowledge on this site and the people here who are so helpful. Thank you for organizing this. I've had symptoms for 2 1/2 months. I have an EMG this afternoon. Concerned bc my calves, mainly my right one, have been twitching this...
  2. B

    Please help me

    Hi there I'm a 24 yo female living in Glasgow Scotland, I feel that looking back maybe my right hand hasn't been as strong as the other hand though this all started around 5 days ago I was on nightshift (I'm a critical care nurse) and when I was writing up my notes i noticed I had a really sore...
  3. N


    Hi everyone, For the past year I have cared for my Grandmother who died 2 weeks ago fromMotor Neurone Disease. Since then, I have had an increasing weakness in my left hand, it feels extremely stiff in the morning, tingles throughout the day and I keep dropping things like my keys and hairbrush...
  4. P

    A question about reflexes?

    Hello. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this and reply, I am very grateful! I have read the sticky before posting this. I hold my hands up now and admit I suffer from health anxiety post hospital stay in December. After an MRI it was found I have a blood vessle pressing on a nerve...
  5. D

    Help with my mother's diagnosis

    Hi, Would just like to ask this community's help with understanding the difference between ALS and MND. My mother was diagnosed last year with MND. Her diagnosis was a long process, starting in january 2015 with a dropped foot that stayed that way for the better part of 2015. Her first neuro...
  6. J


    Hi. I'm 34. Known for almost a month that I have ALS/MND w/FTD. I went to the ALS clinic today but only saw a nurse. No Dr's were in. The muscle that comes from under my scalpula down the right side of my back and and around my side keeps cramping. It's not a little crampy. Its a 'medical...
  7. X

    Questions regarding extent and prognosis of MND

    Hi guys, Following my initial post (here) series of tests later, second opinion doctor agree's on MND as the clinical diagnosis. I have a very atypical onset of symptoms and slow progression and hence, unable to find a patient story that is similar to my case. I hope you guys can help me with...
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    MND Diagnosis is getting us mad!! pls help

    Hi guys. I am from India and this is regarding diagnosis of my father. He is now 63 years old. It all started about 1 year back when he started complaining about trouble in grasping small objects/ starting car with keys and holding spoons. EMG/NCS confirmed there is a motor nerve problem in...